Keep Fit | The Gowaan Gals 20min HIIT Lockdown Workout

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EWS racer Chloe Taylor teams up with the Gowaan Gals to help you keep fit at home with this 20min lockdown workout.

It takes a lot of motivation in this time of uncertainty for us to stay healthy and active, that’s why I’ve partnered up with Gowaan Gals to make workout video guides, to get more people working out at home.

First up is a 20 minute HIIT workout, you can follow along while we do it too and have a laugh with us along the way. This is a short workout that you can do from your front room without any special equipment and it’s over in just 20 minutes!

A perfect morning activity to get you in a great headspace for a productive day. It’s so easy to fall into a rut (and not even a nice muddy MTB rut haha) with a blurry few months ahead of us, but we should take this time to focus on ourselves and what’s important. Enjoy working out with us and be sure to laugh along the way!

Stay tuned for plenty more videos to keep you smiling!

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