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First Look | Pipedream Cycles The Full Moxie Is Sexy Steel Stunner

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British based bike brand, Pipedream Cycles, introduced the world to the The Full Moxie this week and we’ve snapped up an early look at one of the first bikes off the production line.

COVID-19 Announcement – This is a first look only, I did not ride this bike. The bike was walked out to these local fields shot and put away. We hope once the lockdown is over we can get The Full Moxie in for a review.

Pipedream Cycles has been supplying hardtail fans with hardcore steel frames for a good number of years. The brand really took centre stage in the steel frame community with the launch of the Moxie hardtail, a bike that has continued to evolve and remained popular since its release.

After the launch of the Moxie and the updates that followed, it only made sense that Pipedream would enter the full-suspension fold with a steel full bouncer, and here it is.

pipedream cycles the full moxie
Keeping it real.

The Full Moxie takes the simple clean lines and aggressive geometry of the Moxie hardtail and adds the versatility and shock-absorbing properties of a 146mm travel trail bike.

Just like the original Moxie hardtail, The Full Moxie is built around long reach and low standover height, and in fact, both the long and longer frame options get the same 420mm seat tube length while reach numbers start from 470mm and top out at 510mm.

Those reach numbers might sound long to some readers, but with a steep 77.5 degree seat tube and slack 64 degree front end you’ll be surprised by how accomodating the geometry is. The low stand-over gives riders the option to size up or down depending on their preference, while the straight seat tube can accommodate modern, long-travel dropper posts.

Keeping it simple and reliable is the name of the game for The Full Moxie, this is why Pipedream chose a single pivot suspension design. It also explains why the shock yoke is a solid looking CNC component that clamps to the swingarm via dual tabs on each side rather than the single side approach we’ve seen on other steel suspension bikes.

The X-Brace is another nod towards Pipedream’s aim to build a strong, flex-free rear end. This neat alloy brace joins the two swingarm uprights via 4 bolts. The design of the rear triangle is asymmetric with the non-drive side chainstay running straight rather than curved. Further tubing is added to the rear at the disc brake mount and just in front of the rear tyre. All of this adds up to one stiff steel rear end that allows the suspension to do what it was designed to do.

The full moxie first look
X-Brace for added stiffness and a single pivot with Enduro Max bearings for long life.

Keeping the front and rear triangles together as one is a single pivot that uses Enduro Max bearings for long life and lower service intervals.

While all of this engineering is impressive, one of the most important features of The Full Moxie is the custom 4130 tubing. Rather than choosing an off the shelf tubeset for The Full Moxie, Pipedream developed a new tubeset that is only used for this frame. Each tube has been designed with The Full Moxie in mind, allowing the frame to be safely welded together without the need for external gussets or bracing. This not only ensures strength but helps to retain the classic steel lines of this 29er.

The Full Moxie boasts 146mm of rear wheel travel and can run a fork of up to 160mm, so although it is a trail bike it does offer enough bump absorption to get very silly very quickly.

As you take a closer look over this steel full bouncer, you realise that there are lots of very neat and tidy details. Cable routing has been very well thought out and although it is mostly external, except for the dropper which is partially internal, the cables and hoses follow the lines of the frame very well with lots of zip tie areas to keep them in place.

the full moxie first look
Tidy cables.

The Full Moxie Features

  • Custom CrMo 4130 heat-treated tubing
  • Custom butting profiles for optimal strength
  • Asymmetric CS, CNC on driveside
  • CNC Yoke, Shock Mount & X-Brace, black anodised
  • ST bent to optimise seat angle and rider position
  • 29er, 27.5 or ‘mullet’
  • 146mm rear travel with 65mm stroke shock
  • 140mm rear travel with 62.5mm stroke shock
  • 1 set of bottle bosses
  • Metal head badge

The Full Moxie Geometry

pipedream cycles the full moxie
Proper Moxie geo.

The Full Moxie Price

  • £1,499.00 – frame (not including shock)
  • £1,749.00 – frame + DVO Topaz T3 Air
  • £2,249.00 – frame + DVO Topaz T3 Air + DVO Diamond Fork
  • Available to preorder now from Pipedream Cycles.

The Full Moxie First Ride Review

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we were unable to ride The Full Moxie so we can’t give you an idea of how it rides, however we do hope to put this right in the coming months.

For more info about this new bike though take a look at the Pipedream Cycles website where The Full Moxie is available for preorder right now.

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