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How often do you find that things don’t quite work out like you imagined? Cupcakes, for example. You order one in the cafe and it looks delicious, only when it arrives it’s all frilly icing and no flavour. Or when you look forward to being reunited with your loved one at the airport, and you imagine how it’s going to be like in a film, and you’re going to melt into each other’s arms and partake in lots of kissing, only instead you get stuck in traffic, arrive 45 minutes late, and are barely be able to get out the words ‘I have to go and wee or I’ll wet my pants’, let alone engage your lips in any other activity. Or when you order an item on the internet only to discover it’s a miniature one for a doll’s house.

We don’t know where this is going, really. Or how things will work out. Let us move along in to Fresh Goods Friday 490 and see where we end up…

Oakley Sutro Glasses

Here we have the new Oakley Sutro. It’s Oakley’s own homage to its popular, original Oakley Eyeshades that were originally launched in 1984 and which were famously ridden by the likes of John Tomac, Greg Lemond and Andy Hampsten, back when hairnet helmets were a thing. These new Sutro glasses come in the same palette of colours as the originals. And while they’re pretty, er, ‘bold’, in looks, they’ve had everyone in the office clamouring for a try.

Nukeproof Nirvana LS Jersey

Designed for trail/enduro riding, the Nirvana jersey features a lightweight body construction, protective arm patches, 4-way stretch body and seam welded neck. Available in two colours for men and two in the women’s specific cut.

Fox Transition Duffle Bag

This bag has enough room for your riding shoes, kit and helmet whilst giving you the ability to keep the dirty and clean stuff separate. There’s a fleece lined pocket for electronics, car handles on two sides, interior zip and mesh pockets, and best of all it fits most airline hand luggage restrictions.

Nukeproof Blackline LS Jersey – LTD Edition Angry Banana

The Blackline jersey is a loose fit, moisture wicking fabric with underarm and full back mesh for ventilation. This limited edition one coms with sublimated banana print, and we’re really sorry about how excited Mark got about that.

Komoot Premium Membership

  • Price: €4.99/ month
  • From: Komoot
That spork! Ooh!

We received this goody bag with our premium membership, which includes a multi-day planner, personal collections, on-tour weather, sport specific maps, privileged pricing, worldwide maps and navigation.

Mondraker 20 Years Of Winning Promo

I am a serious person, giving your serious looks

Mondraker sent us this promo shirt to go with the launch of their ‘20 years of winning’ video. We think maybe it has made Mark remember 20 years ago, when he’d just stopped being a teacher. Imagine having a physics lesson with Mr Alker.

Race Face Women’s Khyber Shorts

After featuring her ‘lucky shorts’ in our Still Going column, Vicky Chapman has been gifted a new pair of Khyber shorts from Silverfish. The stretchy yet durable fabric, ventilation and amount of pockets make these great for enduro racing.

Troy Lee D4 TeXtreme Carbon Helmet

It looks like the Easter Bunny has come early to George Thompson’s garden. Yes, we had new D4 delivered to Singletrack Towers when it was launched, but it was too petite for our MakingUpTheNumbers chief soigneur, so we’ve swapped it for this XL carbon helmet in very understated shades of black. It’s the lightest DH/BMX race helmet that Troy Lee Designs has ever built, coming in a near-on 1000g, including MIPS C2 brain protection. George will be testing this helmet for us – he has quite a high rate of attrition when it comes to helmets, so hopefully he won’t do anything too dramatic to it. The helmet bag – included when you buy this helmet – says on it ‘For the world’s fastest racers’, so perhaps we won’t tell Troy Lee that George has it.

Chrome Industries 25th Anniversary Citizen Messenger Bag

The Chrome messenger bag has been around for so long that Chipps may well have used one in his bike courier days. Big enough to carry a new fangled 17″ MacBook Pro, with reflective tabs for visibility and all kinds of pockets and loops for things like bike lights and beard combs. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Chrome has added some wilder colours, and some old favourites: ‘Old School – Original messenger colors from the 90’s, but with new bag smell; Glitter – Like the old school banana seats and bike frames we rode as kids; Checkered Flag – It’s all about taking the flag … Every day; Neon Splatter – Like space, when you’re spaced. If you have to ask…’.

Singletrack Vintage Logo Organic Sweatshirt

  • Price: £39.99 (and less with member/subscriber discounts)
  • From: Singletrack

Charlie says: At Singletrack we have been kicking dirt around the mountain bike world since… well some of us predate disc brakes, suspension forks, and even the term “mountain bike”! Over the years we have collected not only a bunch of great memories, amazing friends and some scars, but also some cool shirts. I personally still regularly wear a shirt from the 2004 Single Speed World Champs in Berlin, and it still looks great after countless adventures and 16 years of messing around on bikes. Just like us old guys, it looks classy and distinguished because it’s showing its age with fading colours and a few cosmetic cracks.

If you want the wise old dude look, but want it now, rather than in 20 years… we have a sweatshirt for you. Here we have taken an awesome quality 100% organic cotton sweatshirt, added our pre-aged logo to the chest, a Singletrack tag on the hem, and a small “Est. 2001” graphic on your backside.

The logo is a classic, and the sweatshirt is timeless too. Check out the chunky ribs on the cuffs and hem. You know if you cut the sleeves off just below the elbow (and tie off the seam threads), you will look a bit like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

Tech stuff…

  • Fair Wear Foundation approved. No sweatshops here.
  • Co2 Climate Neutral
  • Certified Organic Cotton, so no nasty pesticides or fertilisers used here.
  • 100% Combed Organic Cotton
  • Brushed 3-ply, 280g per square metre fabric.
This kind of thing is happening outside. Go and find it.

We have reached the end of Fresh Goods Friday. What next? Who knows. Not that any of us ever knows really, but with travel and event plans being up in the air – or firmly not off the ground – the world feels a little less predictable than ever. Go find yourself some sketchy lines, slither in some mud, and enjoy the right sort of ‘how will this work out?’ feelings for the weekend. Few things may be certain, but today is Friday, and tomorrow is definitely the weekend. Go embrace it!

Here is Amanda passing the time while she’s confined to home:

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