Breaking: Has the first round of the 2020 WC in Lousã been postponed?

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Rumours are doing the rounds that suggest the first round of the UCI Downhill WC have been postponed in Lousã.

We have no official word from the UCI yet, but rumours are spreading that the first round of the downhill WC to be held in Portugal has been either postponed or cancelled. The news is coming from various sources across social media to team riders such as Dean Lucas (in the following video) and some downhill teams.
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News (from the mayor’s office, no official word yet from the UCI) just in from Phil Atwill, who is in Lousã, Portugal, where the first round of the 2020 Mercedes Benz UCI Downhill World Cup is due to be hosted this March 21-22.

“I’m in Lousã and just heard that the World Cup has been cancelled.” — Phil Atwill

UPDATE: The the mayor of Lousã has advised the event is to be delayed or cancelled, in accordance with the national health guidelines (information in Portuguese can be read here). Thank you to our friend André Almeida for the update.

While we can’t yet confirm the news, it would not be unsurprising considering the number of major events that have been affected by the covid-19 virus across Europe and the world.

Update: More riders are posting similar stories on social media

The Mayor of Lousã has issued a statement here, which states the Downhill World Cup in Lousã and mentions that this is a temporary ruling suggesting that the race will be held at some point later in the year.

Below is a Google Translation of the official statement.

Following the latest developments regarding COVID-19 and the measures enacted by the General Health Directorate, the Municipality of Lousã, after meeting the Municipal Civil Protection Commission and complying with its Contingency Plan, decided to put in place additional measures to better prevent the transmission of the virus in the community, namely:

»Municipal Swimming Pools: suspension of all teaching activities carried out by the Lousã School Group, classes at the Municipal Swimming School and the“ Lousã a Mexer Mais ”Project;

»Suspension of all initiatives organized by the Municipality during the month of March and the beginning of April, namely:

»March 15 – Environmental Volunteering Action – Mata do Sobral;

»March 16 – Delivery of composters;

»16 to 20 March – Semana da Floresta;

»March 21 – Forest Day Walk;

»March 30 to April 9 -“ Active Holidays Easter 2020 ”;

It was also decided to recommend to the organizing entities the postponement of the following events:

»March 13 – Performance by Luís Caracol – MOMO-Museu do Circo;

»March 14 – Soup Festival – Cooperativa Pedrinhas;

»15 – II Passeio TT – Nossa Senhora do Desterro Festival Party – Espinheiro;

»19 to 22 March – Downhill World Cup – Montanha Clube;

»March 20 – Happy Teams Tour – ACES;

»March 21 – From Seed to Tree – JF. Lousã and Vilarinho;

»March 21 – Peralta Concerts – Associação Princesa Peralta;

»March 23 – Signature of“ Cuidas ”Network protocols – ADSCCL – Five Places Social and Cultural Development Association;

»March 28 – Meeting of Bands of the Gândaras Cultural and Social Recreational Association;

»March 29 – Judo Tournament – Montanha Clube;

»April 1 -” Transforming Impossible Dreams into Sustainable Realities – Building paths for sustainable local development “- ADSCCL – Association of Social and Cultural Development of the Five Places

We call on all citizens to adopt a serene and responsible behavior and strictly follow all the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health.

These measures are temporary, changeable and will last until there are guidelines to the contrary, and it may be necessary to reinforce them depending on the evolution of the situation.

Lousã, March 10, 2020

The Mayor,

Luís Miguel Correia Antunes


I have already been in contact with riders and team managers to ask if they know if this is a confirmed cancellation or not, but everyone I have spoken to is unsure at this time.

I’ll be following this story and updating it with more information as I find it.

Featured image credit Hurly Burly Instagram.

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