Grab 22 Minutes of Good Vibes With This BMX Video

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The BMX scene seems to be bringing out the best bike videos right now. This NSFW production from S&M Bikes has got to be up there with the best releases of the year. Good vibes.

Warning: this is NSFW, and it’s NSFWFromHome either. It’s also not safe for working from home while home educating kids. But it is 22 minutes of happy vibes inducing bike video with awesome tricks, and great editing. It’s almost guaranteed to make you tune in and chill out.

The opening trick is spectacular, but there are plenty more great examples of riding within. Great riding is one thing, but without an edit to hold it together it’s easy to get bored with a bike video. This has humour, music, people rejoicing in each other’s achievements, stoke, smiles, hugs, non bike interludes, moments of calm. It also has swearing, lots and lots of weed, no helmets, and vomit. You’ve been warned.

The video’s blurb simply says:

‘Mike Hoder, Craig Passero, Hucker, Charlie Crumlish, Chris Childs, Kareem Williams, Dan Norvell, Aryei Levenson, Mike Stahl, Trevor Sigloch and Pedro all killing it in SoCal! we hope everyone is hopefully staying safe at home and that you enjoy the video!’

The film makers have managed that trick of making something professional look raw, without being fake. You know those ‘raw’ documentaries, with added fake camera wobble and random zooming and refocussing during face to face interviews that have clearly been set and lit in a studio? Grr. There’s none of that here. Despite the goofing around, you can see they’re serious about their film making – they’ve got lights and there’s a bunch of people catching the tricks from a bunch of angles. All that takes some serious editing, and what a great job they’ve done of it.

It’s a fine line between a happy community vibe like this one, and something that feels like all the participants are just a step away from an ASBO, or an episode of Jackass. Who is making mountain bike videos of this quality, humour, fun and skill right now? Or who else is making any kind of bike videos that will put the feel good feels into our brains for a few minutes? Share your suggestions below, and hopefully all those film editors in lockdown will be bringing us some riches from the archives soon!

Thanks to the Singletrack Forum for bringing this to our attention.

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