Singletrack Magazine Issue 129 : One Last Run

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Tim Oates looks at why you should never give in to that one extra run after you’ve stopped for the day. 

Words Tim Oates

If I get out early in the morning, ride straight out of the car park and have a huge crash-and-burn, it’s the last run of the day. By definition. But I’m looking at something very different and very precise. I am talking about ‘Just One Last Run’. 

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    In the group I ride with, we never say “this is the last run”. Always, “we might do another one after”, lesson learned from skiing where the last run of the last day seems to be the one with the highest consequences. Always seem to take bigger risks on what you know is the last run combined with tired minds and bodies frequently doesn’t end well.

    Skydiving… last jump of the day… what could POSSIBLY go wrong ??
    Well often after a nice day the winds lift a bit in the afternoon heat then drop again as sunset approaches. Some wind is your friend for nice easy landing (just as aeroplanes land into wind for a lower ground speed, so do parachutes, then the ‘flare’ allows a tiptoe landing with no forward speed. If there’s wind.
    A mate of mine, 1st day of 2 weeks in Florida… last jump of the day… broken leg from an over-exuberant surf-the-turf landing. More plough the field with his femor than surf the turf.. Daft git. 13 days watching the rest of us have a great time whilst he got bored shiiiiiteless

    Chipped tooth, smashed helmet and a scar on my knee are my reminders of why “One last run” is such a bad idea. First me the article gets it spot on. The desire to nail it, combined with the fact that some of your muscles and reflexes have logged off for the day, makes it fraught with danger. Best avoided..

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