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We put mile-muncher Jason Miles to work on the Rotor Kapic Carbon Chainset. Is he leading the pack with these light weight cranks?

Spanish component manufacturer Rotor has been around since the early 1990s and claims, probably quite rightly, that it developed oval chainrings to iron out the common ‘dead spot’ of a pedalling stroke. Now, you might be reading this and already have an urge to play the very predictable and boring “They’re just the same as the old Biopace chainrings from back in the olden days” card, but let’s kill that one stone dead right now. Biopace rings DID NOT WORK BECAUSE THEY WERE DONE WRONG but Rotor’s (and now dozens of other oval ‘ring manufacturers) design does work. Trust me, I’ve used them for ages.

Rotor Kapic Carbon Chainset

  • Price: £379.99 (cranks), £79.99 (34t oval chainring), £49.99 (steel bearing BB
  • Weight: 460g with a 34t ring and 175mm length
  • From:
  • Tested: 3 months
Rotor Kapic Carbon Chainset
Q ring… looks like a Q with the crank on it…ahhh….

One of their latest products are these Kapic cranks. The original Kapic cranks were aluminium – these are lovely, lightweight carbon. In fact, these are the first carbon cranks Rotor has produced and claims (again, quite rightly) that they’re one of the lightest mountain bike cranksets you can buy. At 460g with a 34T ring and 175mm length (170 and 165mm lengths also available), they’re lighter than XTR. If you opt for a smaller 32T chainring that weight drops even lower.

If you’re worried about belting the ends of the arms on rocks, a pair of rubber bumpers are included and if you’re a tart you can buy different colour bumpers to match your bike/mood/eyes.

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Rotor Kapic Carbon Chainset

Review Info

Product:Kapic Carbon Chainset
Price:£379.99 (cranks), £79.99 (34t oval chainring), £49.99 (steel bearing BB)
Tested:by Jason Miles for 6 months

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