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Stif Mountain Bikes is ready to kick start the 2020 race season, announcing that rising DH World Cup star, Nina Hoffmann, will be flying the Stif Mountain Bikes flag across the globe throughout 2020.

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Stif little fingers?

The press release reads:

‘In 2019 the 23-year old German racer proved she was a force to be reckoned with aboard her Santa Cruz V10 and showcased some incredible results, including a 2nd place podium spot at the UCI World Cup in Leogang. Nina’s insane levels of dedication as a rider, coupled with our support and 100% mountain bike focus, provides a killer recipe for more podiums and good times throughout the 2020 season. Stif is founded on a passion for racing bikes and it has led to us supporting a host of riders over the seasons. The past few years our race team has become an extension of the Stif family and represented at some of Europe’s biggest race events. Welcoming Nina’s energy to the Stif crew reflects a desire to serve more riders across Europe.

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Stif crowd

Nina said

‘Joining Stif means I can continue working with the best brands on the market. Santa Cruz and Juliana have been my bike sponsors for 3 years now. With Reserve wheels coming onboard now too it’s a racing platform I couldn’t be more comfortable with. I’m so excited to leave the start gate at the first world cup round in Lousa this year!’

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Nina and her V10

Nina will be attending every World Cup round, some IXS cups and a variety of other downhill and Enduro races. She founded her own UCI Team as a means to compete at the highest level on her own terms:

‘Establishing my own UCI team reflects a kind of self-fulfillment for me. Individuality and independence are, and always have been, important factors in my life. I love planning and organizing while learning new things and developing myself and my ideas further. Thanks to the backing of Stif and my partners, I am able to create a new professional structure while maintaining the familiar environment necessary for me to channel maximum focus into the races. Everything is in place and we can’t wait for the season to unfold – here’s to 2020!’

We caught up with Nina for a quick ‘5 minutes with’ interview…

Tell us who you are, what you do and why we should go for a bike ride with you…

I am Nina Hoffmann, 23 years old, from the middle of Germany and currently studying Psychology in the winter and racing my bicycle around the globe in the summer. Go for a bike ride with me and I’ll tell you how to get your mind ready to race.

What has been your best memory or achievement from the last year?

Definitely World Cup Leogang, when I got my second World Cup podium every with a second place. I still get goosebumps thinking of stepping on the podium in front of that cheering crowd.

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Not in school

You crash your bike and can only salvage one thing from it – what would it be and why?

If it would be my last years’ race bike definitely the frame. It was a unique custom frame.

If you could only ride one trail for the rest of your days – which is it?

World Cup track Andorra because you have everything you need in it!

Everyone wants to improve, right? What would you like to do better?

Cornering! Leaning the bike into the turn and not myself.

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Our Amanda’s current favourite bike!

Which component do you break and/or swap the most?

My rear tyre or the handlebar. I don’t really know, actually I don’t break anything 😉

What is your tip to becoming a better mountain biker?

Trust in yourself and enjoy riding your bike. Don’t stress too much about progressing, but always believe in your abilities.

What’s your top tech tip for getting the most out of your bike?

Ride a bike that fits your purposes and riding style!

Tubeless inserts, just tubeless, or hella tough tyres?

Just tubeless!

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Who forgot to bring the bikes?

Who do you admire most in the mountain bike world?

I don’t admire someone in particular. I admire loads of character trades and habits of different persons and I take a piece of everyone to match them to an almost perfect image.

Nina Hoffmann Stif
Pro life is all comforts!

What are you hoping to get up to in the next 12 months?

Establish myself in the Top 5 of the world and push myself to the limits.

What music have you got on repeat at the moment?

The beautiful sound of a big school class sitting right next to me in the same train at the moment, haha!

Nina Hoffmann Stif
A team with beer, we approve!

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    Colour me stupid but:
    Didn’t she make a lot of fuss about she has her own team? Basically a privateer with sponsors rather than a team deal.
    From the PinkBike headline: Nina Hoffmann on Sticking to Her Guns and Not Taking a Team Offer for 2020

    So is she a team rider (on a one person team) or does she ride for Stif?
    Somehow the message seems a bit ambiguous. Either way it’ll be great to see her again this year. I think a lot of folk were rooting for her and the Denim Destroyer.

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