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If you’re going to spend time in front of a screen it may as well inspire you to get out and ride, or put you in a state of awe. Much better than mindless staring at the pseudo-drama lives of some fictitious residents of a location with suspiciously high crime rates. We’ve gathered together a selection of recent mountain bike video releases, so you can spend your screen time with some quality viewing.

Between The Races

A new 8-part series, following elite athletes to their hometowns and finding out what goes on outside of the race tape.

‘We step outside of the pits and into the living rooms, home tracks and private lives of the professional racers to understand what it takes to make it on the World Cup circuit. In a sport where time is everything, we slow it down to understand what makes these racers tick.’

Episode 1 features Aussie madman @Connor Fearon: the loosest man in DH. Always going flat out on flat pedals, the seasoned World Cup athlete is always one of the most exciting guys to watch race. The softly spoken professional lets his riding do the talking and continues to take podiums and top 10 finishes after nearly a decade of racing. Take a peek behind the closed doors of the notoriously private rider and witness his never-seen-before home tracks that make him so damn fast.

Antoni Villoni

‘After reaching 130km/h on ski slope just a few days ago, Antoni Villoni is back with a completely different kind of edit.

This time, it takes place in a Chinese desert, where he is on a quest for freeride lines that are on par with the ones in Utah. Tricks, crashes, meeting the locals, incredible landscapes. ‘

Eclectic – Starring Thomas Genon

“I wanted the opportunity to film away from competition and showcase the riding that I love, the type of riding I do every day, this is what gets me excited for mountain biking”.


The Freeride competition is literally building up to the big day, with some crazy sized jumps and gaps. Pack your pitons and get your harness on for the climbing the sides of some of these things – or watch dumbfounded as the pros ride casually off them and into some improbable bike flipping trickery. These three videos are just the build up – the main event is yet to come.

Darkfest Week 1

Darkfest Week 2

Darkfest Week 3

Is the stoke high? Are the vibes sick? Give you sofa mate a fist bump (that’s going to take some training if it’s a cat). Now, make some plans to ride your bike.

Happy riding!

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