Atherton Bikes Release First Fifty Bikes For Sale

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Dan Griffiths/Moonhead media

News just in from Atherton Bikes. The first fifty (so exclusive that they have their own #firstfifty hashtag) bikes have been released for sale today. It’s expected that once these bikes are sold through that a more regular production schedule will start to roll out.

Atherton Bikes says: “After more than 12 months of intensive development and getting on for 20 different prototypes made possible through additive manufacturing technology, Atherton Bikes is ready to release two limited edition products with custom fit available on all models.”

The release of the bikes is not before time though, as we understand that any bikes being raced under UCI rules have to be available to purchase by the general public, so the Athertons were obliged to make their clever, custom geometry bikes available for sale at some point. (Even the Hope Track Bike is available to buy if you have the cash.)

Racing in anger in Leogang. Pic by Sven Martin

Gee Atherton said “2019 was an amazing year for us, with the new bikes moving from a CAD design to three World Cup wins in a matter of months. Since we announced that we would be building our own bikes we’ve been overwhelmed by demand to make them available for sale but we were determined that the bike that we released would be 100% ready. After 13 months we’re excited to say that we’ve finally reached that point, we have two awesome products that we’re itching to get out there. “

The initial product offer will be a DH bike and a 29” Enduro bike with 150mm travel 

A 29er enduro bike you say? (Dan Griffiths/Moonhead media)

Prices will start at £3,400 for an Enduro frame with full bikes from £5,500. DH builds start from £6000 all including VAT. Atherton Bike list the ex-VAT prices on their site too, perhaps expecting that many purchases will be made by companies and/or race teams.

The limited edition product will retain the raw carbon tubes and black lugs that were so well received in the prototype stages and feature a unique 3D printed limited edition number

Ed Haythornthwaite, one of the evil geniuses behind the bikes.

Rachel Atherton said “Being a start up company we’ve had to prioritise resources and it was clear from the start that product always came top of the list. Being honest this leaves us a little behind with our website and production facility. So while we catch up and before a full launch in Spring we wanted to offer something to those people who have been there from the start. 

It’s not exactly ‘3D printed titanium’, though that’s what it is for our description purposes.

Priority for the first fifty build slots will be given to those who are signed up to our mailing list. We’ve connected with some great people over this last year and this is our way of saying thanks for that support. 

This is a huge journey for us all, it’s been fun, exhausting and hugely emotional at times. Ultimately we’re building this company from the ground up and we want to ensure we do so at a pace that doesn’t compromise the product or the service we offer. So a huge thanks for being patient with us but we’re confident that it’s been worth it!”

To sign up and get details of the bikes head to

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