3 Full Face Trail Helmets, Head To Head

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We get George and his downhill buddies to put three full face helmets light enough for trail use to the test.

I’d like to think that I was assigned this product test because of my literary ability to translate complex product information into real world experience. In reality it probably came down to “George smashes a lot of helmets, let’s ask him to do it”. And they would be right. There were two last year, a Fox Rampage Carbon Pro and a Troy Lee Designs Carbon D3; both on the same (expensive) day and a couple of visors at other points in the season as well. If memory serves I destroyed exactly the same amount of product in 2018 so I’m consistent if nothing else and at some point over the last few years I’ve worn most brands.

During that time I’ve stood on the sidelines watching the ‘full face trail lids’ genre grow without actually taking the plunge. Alongside the two traditional full face helmets I have for DH or big mountain enduros I have three (I don’t know why three either) open face helmets for trail riding. So, alongside this product test the bigger questions I’m asking myself are do I need more helmets (surely five is enough) and perhaps more importantly, do I need something that fits somewhere between the two?

Given this lack of exposure to the genre I drafted in a few reinforcements. From the Making Up The Numbers race team Binnsy and Neil got involved and to provide a more ‘trail friendly’ opinion Ben Newton from WeRide joined the party. As well as a full day of testing at Revolution Bike Park we’ve worn these helmets day in and day out for the last three months which should be plenty of time for us to form a decent opinion.

Right then, let’s get cracking…

On Test

  • Endura MT500 – RRP £189.99 – size M/L
  • iXS Trigger – RRP £189.99 – size M/L
  • 100% Trajecta – RRP £229.00 – size L

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Review Info

Brand:Endura, iXS, 100%
Product:MT500, Trigger, Trajecta
From:Endura, Hotlines, Silverfish
Price:From £189.99
Tested:by George & Friends for 3 months

Comments (5)

    Without wanting to come over all preachy, with the exposure that concussion gets nowadays, it may have been wise to stop after trashing one helmet in one day, rather than wait for the second…

    Not convinced about using one of these on public trails. I get the point at trail centres but seeing the storm troopers out in the dark peak looks intimidating to other users, especially when matched with an ebike.

    With hindsight @mountainsofsussex you’re probably right. I wasn’t knocked out on either occasion (would’ve stopped completely if I had been) & IIRC medics made me sit it out for a least an hour but then they were happy for me to continue so I cracked on, heat of race day etc…

    @chrismac I don’t have an ebike (yet!) but I definitely see your point. Was fine at Revolution but felt a little odd wearing them on my local trails & have to say it gave me the confidence to go a bit faster which isn’t always a good thing on a bridleway 🙂

    My deal with these foam helmets is the reliability. The foam damages so easily from just wear and tear. My Trigger FF looks like some rats made a nest in it.

    “Head to head.”

    I see what you did there.

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