Watch Kilian Bron being chased down an active volcano with racing drones!

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YouTube sensation and the latest signing to the Commencal Crew, Kilian Bron, plans to go viral with this epic volcano video.

Kilian Bron is best known for taking his two-wheeled companion to the outer reaches of the world and creating video sensations, capable of breaking the internet.

Now riding for Commencal, Kilian has started his new year the way he means to go on with an epic video riding on active volcanoes and being chased by high-speed racing drones.

Watch Kilian Bron ride on an active volcano

Commencal Press Release:

Was it real? The wind whistles continuously in my ears. The scent of sulfur attacks my nostrils. Vertigo twists my guts. I think it was real. The rashes still heat my skin. The waves rock me. These landscapes, my eyes remember them. Yes, it had to be real. Unless…Let Kilian and his crew guide you in search of volcanoes!

Rider: Kilian BRONDirected by: Léon PERRINFilm: Léon PERRIN & Gaetan CLARYEdit: Léon PERRINMusic & Sound Edit: Léo LUNELDrone FPV: Pierre DUPONTSkippers: Lucas FRIGOUT & Adrien DESU
Special thanks: OHLINS & KS


If you would like to learn more about Kilian Bron then keep an eye our for our 5 minutes with Kilian Bron interview coming later this week.

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    You do know racing drones get well over three times speed a DH biker will do? So why are they chasing it? And if they aren’t racing it why not just use a camera drone that would hit enough speed anyway?
    Oh wait they probably did.

    Why is there no lava, flames and stuff like the headline picture?

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