Tahnee and Kaos Seagrave Post Videos Riding new Canyon bikes

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Still no official confirmation from FMD Racing about the new Canyon Collective FMD deal, but these videos are yet further proof.

Ok ok, we already know that Tahnee, Kaos and FMD will be riding Canyon Bikes in 2020, but without any official confirmation, these videos of the siblings riding their new bikes will have to suffice.

This first video, posted by Kaos Seagrave, shows the young rider styling it up on a Canyon trail bike. We’re not certain on the specific model but it looks like a Canyon Spectral, a bike that I tested a couple of years ago and really enjoyed!

Tahnee posted a video of herself at Revolution Bike Park on the Canyon Sender downhill bike. We don’t get a still shot of the downhill bike, but this could be the much anticipated Canyon Sender update.


This is the 2nd, well 3rd, Canyon Collective FMD tease in just a few days. Full confirmation of the team and sponsors has got to be just around the corner.

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    Nice freehub sound on Tahnee’s bike (name that freehub)

    Oh, and anyone know what the tune is playing on Kaos’s vid?

    My guess was dizzy, but Shazam says stormzy Wiley flow ;0)

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