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Would the Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack live up to its billing? Or would Calderdale’s finest winter filth get the better of it?

The Rainslinger hip pack has a 3.5lt capacity and attaches to your person via reflective ballistic strength Nylon webbing straps with anodized aluminum buckles. Its waterproof credentials come from single sided TPU coated (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, fully welded seams and water-resistant zips. Although the bag is an understated dark grey (no enduro-fluro here folks, although you can get one with green buckles), the reflective straps and nifty flashing red light (which is included) keep you visible when everything else is likely to be covered in mud.

 Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
Tested through winter grim

According to the Showers Pass website, the Rainslinger hip pack should have room to fit “…one hardshell rain jacket, 1 pair of rain pants or 2 large water bottles”. Being able to fit water bottles in the bag is good, but the lack of external capacity could be a deal breaker for some.

In Use

The Showers Pass Rainslinger fits all of my trailside essentials (get-me-home first aid kit, tubeless repair and spares) with ease. I was slightly disappointed in the single internal pocket with mesh pouch, as it was hard to make it not feel like everything was rattling.  Although saying that, my organisational woes would be easily solved by a tool roll or similar, and pockets would reduce the capacity for bulky items. A key loop for security would be a good addition though.

Where the Rainslinger really came into its own was being able to carry bulky items. With a whole 11” x 6” x 3.25” space (mostly in one large volume) it opens up the possibility of carrying spare clothing to make the post-ride pint a much less soggy experience. So far I’ve fit my big Rab waterproof jacket, spare jerseys with a packed lunch or most importantly, an entire pack of dark chocolate digestives. So far the only thing I’ve tried and failed to fit in was a Kryptonite D-Lock. This was just a little too wide. 

 Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
Very waterproof

Initially the Showers Pass Rainslinger felt quite bulky, although the compression straps on the side of the pack helped to flatten out the profile of the bag, making it surprisingly snug (although this only works when it’s not fully packed). The waist straps were long and offered plenty of adjustment. However, I did notice that they would loosen off over the course of a ride, but this only became obvious on the longest of descents and it was never enough to make the bag swing around. 

The Showers Pass Rainslinger fully deserves its waterproof hip pack accolades, even in the most minging of weathers it kept it contents dry. This also made it easy to clean. The water-resistant zip does its job, but does make opening it a little more tricky compared to a traditional zip. The outer pocket is also waterproof and the perfect size for keeping your phone handy. 

 Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
Waterproof but stiff zips
 Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
Needs an extra port of a right hand side light in the UK

My mum spotted that the ‘be seen’ light is on the wrong side for those in a left hand side of the road driving country. This is a minor point, and I’d need a proper back light with it anyway, but this could be easily fixed by the inclusion of an additional port on the right hand side of the strap.

Three things we’d improve

  • Add a UK road friendly light port on the right of the bag
  • Add a key loop
  • More secure buckles

Three things we loved

  • It’s actually properly waterproof
  • Being able to carry an extra layer on a short pre-pub ride
  • Having a back up flashing rear light is reassuring.


To test the Showers Pass Rainslinger, I’ve been wearing it on a mix of rides. From Tuesday night’s XC orientated #ridedrinkpie rides to more techy trails and a couple of enduro races. It’s definitely more suited to less gnar trails due to the straps becoming loose, as this caused a bit too much bounce for my liking. However, for keeping your kit dry and compact, possibly replacing a rucksack or on-bike luggage, it does the job perfectly.

 Showers Pass Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
If you want a waterproof hip pack, this should be on your list.

Review Info

Brand: Showers Pass
Product: Rainslinger Waterproof Hip Pack
Price: £59
Tested: by Vicky Chapman for 3 months

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