Core Bike 2020 Randoms – Patriotic saddles, Boa, Body Armour and more!

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Core Bike 2020 was filled with lots of flashy new goods to have us reaching for our wallets, but here are a few of the items that really grabbed our attention.

Fabric Flag Saddles

  • Price: £74.99

Fabric were displaying a new version of their fantastic saddles with new flag decorations. On display they had just a small sample of the flags that they plan to offer and in total over 40 countries will be represented.

The saddle itself features titanium rails and a hardwearing finish, and it’s built to the usual Fabric high-standards.

Fabric Magic Saddle

Magic Saddle

For riders who either prefer a shorter saddle, a little more padding, or who tend to fling their bike around like Ratboy and Co. the Fabric Magic saddle is the one to go for.

This updated version of the saddle comes with black rails and a black base and although it is designed for woodland jibs, we’ve been assured that it’s comfortable enough for days in the saddle too.

Exposure e-Bike Specific Lights

Exposure had their usually huge selection of bike lights on display, but the latest are these e-Bike specific lights that connect directly to your e-Bike motor and battery system.

Because they use the power from your larger e-Bike battery, the lights can be much smaller and more compact making them easier to mount and more attractive.

Options that are available now are the Flex, 3300 Lumen light designed for off-road riding priced at £320, then there’s the 1400 Lumen, £190 Fuse aimed at commuting and gravel riding.

Also on display was a prototype rear e-Bike light, but we don’t have any information on this model yet.

SDG Bell Air Saddle

The SDG Bell Air saddle has been around since the 90’s and it still remains a popular choice and SDG’s best seller. Obviously materials, construction, design and tastes have changed since the era of Grunge and so the Bell Air has undergone a major makeover.

The new version of the saddle comes in a variety of options from steel to carbon railed versions, and there is a mixed alloy rail version too that offers similar weight and strength to Ti.

SDG’s Bell Air is also available in a variety of colours and designs from simple bold single colour designs to custom bear print versions.

TSG Shoe Insoles

TSG insoles.

Helmet maker TSG had these new shoe insoles on show. They’re designed to fit into any current shoe on the market and feature shock damping materials in the heel and at the ball of the foot.

The idea is that BMX and dirt jump riders would use the insole to protect their feet, but they could also be used for trail, enduro and downhill riding too.

100% Altec Helmet

The Altec helmet has been around for a while now, but 2020 brings a new colour choice to the trail. We’re not sure that the photo does it justice but the colour is like a mocha or light coffee colour and is rather nice in person. 

Other than the colour the Altec remains the same as previous generations including a 14 point Smartshock Rotational Protective system, Multi-density EPS foam, sunglasses storage, and 15 vents for impressive airflow.

RaceFace Roam Kneepads

Raceface Roam kneepads.

The Roam kneepad is aimed at the enduro crowd and like most high-end knee protection uses a D30 removable pad for protection. For added rock and root protection the Roam also uses a pierce-proof Kydex outer material and there’s also an durable TPU skid place for sliding during crashes.

Raceface has designed the Roam to be an open back design meaning you don’t need to remove your shoes to get it on or off, and with a towel like lining, they’re sure to be comfortable on the trail. The Raceface Roam will go on sale for £124.99.

661 Recon Advanced Jacket

Anyone who has been riding for a few years will remember the 661 ‘turtle suit’ body armour. It was a classic design and offered riders good all around protection at a decent price.

Well, for 2020 661 is back in the body armour game with the new Advanced Jacket, an upper body protector with innovative Koroyd spine protector.

You may know Koroyd as that honeycomb-like material that Smith and Endura use in their Enduro helmets, it also kind of looks like a bunch of straws stuck together. 661 has taken this tough material and used it as 2 layer back protector which offers maximum protection and manoeuvrability. The Koroyd protector is removable for cleaning, and because of its design, it’s easy to inspect for crash damage too.

The Advanced Jacket also comes with pockets for a lift past and more padding across the chest and shoulders. Pricing will be around £229.99.

With Koroyd back protector.

661 Radia Goggles

661 were also displaying their new Radia goggle, an affordable eyewear that comes in a range of colours and designs to match 661 helmets and other gear.

The Radia come in different sizes to suit, there’s foam inserts for comfort and breathability and the strap features silicone to prevent them popping off your helmet. Radia goggles will be priced at £39.99 a pair.

Fidlock Prototype Phone Holder

Fidlock had this prototype phone holder on display that uses a clever combination of magnets and suction cup to ensure your phone is not going to go anywhere even over rough terrain.

The design is unique for its extremely high strength and very low-profile meaning fitting one to your phone won’t instantly turn it to a brick.

The system we saw was still pre-production, but Fidlock already have big plans for it including possible car mounts and maybe even GoPro mounts in the future too.

Giro Ventana Shoes

Giro had two new SPD shoes on display. The new Ventana and Ventana Fastlace shoe, both use the same low-profile tread design and offer cleat mounts for running with your clipless shoes, but each offers a different fastening method.

The top-end Ventana uses a Boa dial for quick fastening and removal, while the Ventana Fastlace uses a … fastlace system and upper velcro strap.

Each shoe is very similar using the same moulded EVA footbed, one-piece Synchwire upper design and PU border mesh and injected EVA cushioned midsole. The only slight difference being a few styling variations and a slight difference in weights, 408g for the Fastlace and 417g for the Boa. Pricing is from £129.99 to £159.99.

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    I’ve always loved SDG Bel Air saddles, then they made the Bel Air 2.0 which (in my experience) was horrid and uncomfortable. Are the ‘new’ Bel Air saddles really something new or just a re-hashed Bel Air 2.0 (which has been around for some years)?

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