Video: Cotic takes us through the birth of a bike

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Cotic takes us on a journey from through the UK manufacturing process of its steel bike frames.

As you may all be aware, Cotic Bikes is one of the UK bike brands that is championing the concept of reintroducing bike manufacture to the UK. The company now produces a range of frames in the UK with manufacturing partners Reynolds and Five Land bikes in Scotland.

It’s a huge project, but one that has been working out well for Cotic who now has a range of steel bikes made in the UK.

To show off their skills and their labour of love, Cotic has produced the following video that tells the story of how a few sets of custom drawn Reynolds tubes get transformed for trail riding!

Cotic: Tube To Trail Bike Build

With the accessibility and professionalism of our UK manufacturing, we’ve followed the journey of a bike from tube to trail; through the Reynolds factory, up to Five Land bikes in Scotland and back down to our base in Calver; then out to the World.

Cotic Bikes

For more details on the Cotic range and what the team is up to head over to the Cotic website.

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