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We know that many of our readers have ridden Leeds Urban Bike Park, and plenty of  you are big fans of its variety of trails, tracks and jump lines. We can’t help but feel a little inadequate having seen these guys from Nukeproof show how it’s done – all in the name of showing off the latest Nukeproof Scout Hardtail.

The press release from Nukeproof reads:

A typical UK winter can put pay to a lot of your riding. But alter your attitude slightly and it can be a whole lot of fun. Tuck away the enduro bike and return to simpler times, the humble hardtail (ok so these guys were packing a serious rad spec on their bikes, but let’s keep to the illusion).

Has there been a better time to own a mountain bike? More amazing trails than ever, some awesome riding scenes and it’s difficult to buy a bad bike too. In recent years, Nukeproof has seen a resurgence in the Scout, so much so that each year it keeps getting a little bit wilder. Be it the love of a winter hardtail for its simplicity and ease of maintenance or just the fact that they are a riot to ride, the emergence of the Hardcore Hardtail is offering riders some golden times in less than golden climates. What is a “hardcore Hardtail” I hear the key board peoples ask? Well, it’s a hardtail, just a little slacker than your average XC/ trail build, with a blend of playful  geometry to entice you into a sense of security that is anything but secure. The Scout is all about having fun, getting “shwifty” and giving you the confidence to push your limits (and ever so slightly beyond… Lil Robbo).

To celebrate the launch of the 2020 Scout, we assembled an elite crew and went Scoutin’ About, for the Part Deux time.

Elliott Heap may need no introduction, but we will give him one anyway. He’s been described as “the swiss army knife” of Mountain biking. A 3rd place overall in the Junior Downhill World Cup was surpassed by a U21 Enduro World Series Title in 2018. He went on to win a silver medal at the 4x World Championships (On his Mega enduro race bike) in 2019 and has made the step up to Elite level of the Enduro World Series, posting some top 20 times. In short, he’s one of the most skilful riders you will ever witness on a bike.

Nigel Page, what a legend. Former factory World Downhill racer later Team CRC manager. Despite his claims he doesn’t ride that much, Nigel blooming loves bikes. He’s grown up racing them and is always on one on some form or another, XC, BMX, Dirt Jumper, Trail or Enduro. He’s a man that is in the sport for the love of it and despite numerous ailments and injuries he’s seriously quick and has some wild old school BMX style (again despite saying he’s slow- maybe compared to Sam Hill!).

Lil Robbo, he’s a nutter. Hailing from Warrington, he’s styles as wild as his locks. The guy has no limits and will literally give anything a go, again and again and again #scousepower.

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