Not-So Fresh Goods Friday | What Was Hot 10 Years Ago?

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Since it’s the end of the decade, we were idly mulling over how things have changed in the last ten years. Dropper posts have got good, Instagram has gotten big, iPads have come (and gone?), front mechs disappeared, electronic shifting arrived, tyres got wide… So how would we look back on the Fresh Goods Friday products of ten years ago? Join us as we fumble our way back through the mists of time…

SRAM XX Crankset

From: FisherOutdoor

So modern

We said…

The XX crank has been designed specifically for 2×10, has a 49.5mm chainline and features a new 120/80 bcd to support the rings during shifting. Chainrings are cnc’d 7075-T6 with X-glide technology that provides 4 chain pick up points and 4 release points. Shifting up and down the rings even under pressure is both easy and quick. This version is the BB30 and all the various cranksets have Blackbox ceramic bearings as standard. RRP £419.99

You said…

  • my crankset cost a quarter of that, and its got more rings! – Olly
  • XX looks nice but who’s got £525 to splash out on a chainset and front mech? – nickc
  • I’ll stay with Shimano for the moment then. XTR begins to look inexpensive somehow. – Hairychested

We say…

  • ‘designed specifically for 2×10’ – bless.
  • nickc – the new GX Eagle is a shade cheaper!

SRAM XX Front Mech

From: FisherOutdoor

Endangered species

We said…

The low profile XX front derailleur is available in over 40 different versions, high mount, low mount, direct mount, top and bottom pull. No issues of rubbing in extreme combinations means all the ratios are available. Our version is a low mount bottom pull. RRP £105.99

You said…

Lots of mutterings about price and compatibility issues. You’re certainly consistent in your complaints!

Hip Hop CD

We said…

New tunes for the office.

We say…

How cute, an actual CD.

Gary Fisher RumbleFish

From: Trek UK

We said…

The RumbleFish is cited as Gary Fisher’s technical 29er. How technical it will be remains to be seen as it looks bulky and awkward and not suitable for anyone under 7 foot tall. 29er looks can be deceiving though and a quick spin has shown it to be a good size for most of us here. Next stop, the Steps of Death…

You said…

  • I’ll test the Rumblefish if you like? I’m nearly 7 feet tall and I’ve broken a Yeti & a Commencal in the last 12 months 🙂 – Rockitman (That’s our very own George Thompson, of MakingUpTheNumbers fame)
  • It’s weird that the Fisher’s colour scheme is exactly the same as my grotty old GF Mako, which is about as base spec as you can get. Still, at least the Mako looks like a real bike instead of something from the Argos catalogue – toab

We published our review of the Rumblefish in Issue 58 of Singletrack Magazine. We’ve republished it here, for your misinformation.

DT Swiss EXC Wheels

From: Madison

We said…

These funky wheelshave come in for Chipps’ Orange Blood. They are made from carbon fibre and weigh next to nothing with 1550grams the weight reported by DT Swiss themselves. They look impressive but the price tag will shock many people. RRP £799 front, £999 rear. DT claims that the rims are stronger than its own downhill rims. Chipps is under instruction to go out and try to pinch flat as much as possible to see if they explode. We don’t think they will. He might though.

You said…

  • £1,800 for a pair of wheels. Has apathy taken over all us bike fans? DT Swiss wouldn’t price them at that level if they wouldn’t sell. So there must be plenty of muppets out there prepared to pay it. Would love to know their profit margin on them. – TrailriderJim

Back To The Now

The technology may have moved on, but it seems that your comments remain very much the same. Mostly: ‘How much!‘. Some of you must be buying this stuff though, or we’d all still be riding around on 26inch wheels and early Marzocchi Bombers and there’d be no bike industry. Here’s to another ten years of you definitely not buying in to any new fangled fads or trends!

Comments (5)

    For me the most breath-taking thing up there^^ is the length of that stem on the Gary Fisher – it looks huge compared with current fashions, and my last 3 bikes!

    The technology may have moved on, but it seems that your comments remain very much the same. Mostly: ‘How much!‘.
    Most companies would have cottoned on to their customers feedback long before a decade has passed!

    i wood like to some nice hard tails from bc and some like cove hard tails like the covestiffee what a bike it is

    “Some of you must be buying this stuff though, or we’d all still be riding around on 26inch wheels and early Marzocchi Bombers”

    Lol. Looks at main non-e mtb. Sees Marzocchi 2003 MXC and 26″ wheels! Still enjoy riding it 🙂

    Well, I have moved on to 27.5 and 29 wheels, but I am still running drivetrains such as 1×9 XT 😉
    Only one (new) bike has 1×11 out of all my six bikes. No need for giant cassettes where I ride, and guess how cheap 9-speed cassettes and chains are now?

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