Jordie Lunn VeeTire Flow Snap tyres launched to raise money for Road2Recovery!

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VeeTire Co. has announced a Special Edition Jordie Lunn tyre for sale with all proceeds going to Jordie’s Road2Recovery fund.

Earlier this year, we learned of the upsetting news that Jordie Lunn has passed away. This freeride legend helped to define freeride as a sport and was one of the early pioneers that made freeriding what it is today.

long live jordie lunn veetire flow snap

The loss of Jordie hit us all hard and the outpouring of support for his friends and family has been immense and saw the set up of a Road2Recovery funding page. The fund was originally set up to help Jordie’s loved ones cover medical expenses, and as it has generated so much support money is now being used to help fund up and coming riders and help in the research to better understand concussion.

VeeTire Co, one of Jordie’s sponsors, has today announced a special edition Jordie Lunn VeeTire Flow Snap tyre. This limited edition tyre is on sale now, and VeeTire will donate all the money from sales to the Jordie Lunn Road2Recoery fund.

All proceeds to Road2Recovery.

VeeTire has also put together the following video of Jordie and released the statement about the limited edition tyre seen further down the page.

Those of you who would like to help Road2Recovery can either purchase these #longlivejordie tyres from the VeeTire Co. website or make a donation to Road2Recovery at this link.

Earlier this year the mountain bike community suffered a shocking loss. Following an accident, while riding with friends, Canadian freeride legend and all-around awesome guy, Jordie Lunn passed away.

Upon learning of this extremely sad news, the mountain bike community quickly pulled together, launching a Road2Recovery fund to raise money for Jordie’s family to help ease the financial pressure they were under.

It took no time at all before the $40,000 funding goal was passed and at the time of writing mountain bike fans, generous friends and sponsors have managed to raise $91,035. The money raised so far will help Jordie’s relatives cover medical bills with the remainder being put aside to help upcoming athletes with coaching, supporting brain health and injury research, and to fund research to better understand concussion and brain injury so we can avoid further loss.

Jordie was and will always be a key member of the VeeTire Co. family and to help keep his memory alive and to support his friends and family with the Road2Recovery fund, we have produced a limited edition #longlivejordielunn tire.

This limited-edition tire is based on Jordie’s favourite VeeTire Co. Flow Snap WCE, a dedicated gravity tire that suited his freeride adventures and style of riding.

The limited-edition tires will go on sale soon with VeeTire Co. donating all proceeds from sales to Road2Recovery to help support Joride’s family and dreams.

We hope that you too can get involved, either by donating to Road2Recovery, buying a special edition tire, or simply by sharing the Road2Recovery foundation across your social media channels.

Everyone at VeeTire Co. thanks you for taking the time to read our message and for your support.

#longlivejordie #takeyourselffurther

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