Christmas Countdown Day 19 | Win a One Up Components Bundle!

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One Up Components is offering you the chance to win one of their innovative cockpit setups featuring carbon riser bars, stem and lock-on grips, but these products are all unique with pretty cool features.

The carbon bar is designed with a clever weave, layup and profile so that the design is narrower, but wider (if you get my meaning) at the curve for better compliance. With the included lock-on grips with diamond knurled design and soft compound, this combo can help reduce arm pump and fatigue.

Clever components!

Also in this bundle is the innovative One Up components stem that ensures you are able to fit the One UP EDC tool without the need to tap and thread the steerer tube on your suspension fork.

  • OneUp Carbon Bar: £115  
  • OneUp Stem: £78
  • OneUp Lock-on Grips: £22


A carbon handlebar actually engineered to be more compliant, reduce arm pump and increases ride comfort. This is not just another regular carbon bar marketed as “compliant”. Our patent pending oval bar profile combines the best ride characteristics of 31.8mm and 35mm bar standards. Don’t believe the hype, check out all of the 5 star customer reviews on at


An awesome looking, bombproof stem. The Stem can also be used with an optional preloader kit which allows you to run the EDC tool system in any fork, without the need to tap your steerer.


A low profile single lock on grip, designed to reduce arm pump and hand numbness. The Diamond knurled texture, with saw tooth finger ramps and a super tacky 20A compound provide ultimate traction. More traction means less death-gripping the bars which leads to less arm pump.

One Up

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Christmas Countdown Day 19 | Win a One Up Components Bundle!

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