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2020 Team Rumours – Confirmed Alex Marin Leaves Madison Saracen Factory Racing Team

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After hinting that he would be leaving the Madison Saracen Team a few days ago, Alex Marin has now confirmed the news, but which team will he be joining?

Team Saracen Madison rider, Alex Marin, has now confirmed that he is leaving teammate Danny Hart behind and will be joining a new team for 2020. This confirmation comes after a cryptic “Thanks” post to his former team on Instagram that was published over the weekend.

Alex’s latest social media post confirms that he “won’t be racing for @Madisonsaraen anymore” and that he “CAN’T WAIT” to announce which team he could be joining for the coming season.

Ups, downs, falls, rise, breaks & success. It’s been a hell of a ride with you guys, thanks for making me grow as a rider and person. ———————————————-
Today I announce that I won’t be racing for @madisonsaracen anymore. Can’t thank enough everyone involved from the first time I met you guys.
For my side, I have to say that i felt like this was the right decision after this year, a solid one, but I feel like to go further as a rider, I need a change. —- CAN’T WAIT to tell you guys what’s for next year 😝 A step on the right direction and with a great group of people.
Here’s some of the best moments so far of this amazing 3 years of my life. Time runs fast man…thanks so much again guys, apreciate what you’ve done for me! See you at the races! Much love❤️⚔️

Alex Marin

As we’ve said in previous 2020 Team Rumours news, there haven’t been many significant changes for the 2020 World Cup Downhill season which limits the teams that Alex Marin could be joining, however, there is that rumour of a new World Cup Team for 2020, perhaps Alex could be a part of that?

Also, who will be stepping in to replace Alex on the Saracen team for 2020?

We’ll be keeping a close eye on what comes from this announcement will bring you all more 2020 Team Rumour news as we uncover it.

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