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And now for something completely different… there aren’t even any bikes in this first video. But we think you’ll like it anyway.

Being lovers of bikes, we find ourselves watching bike videos. Which sometimes leads to BMX. Which can lead to skateparks. Which can lead to skateboard videos. This one is so good, we just had to share it. The tricks are going to make you say ‘What! That’s ridiculous!’. The board construction is probably going to be the subject of a forum thread. Maybe followed up by a hospital injury thread. The editing is nice and grungy and understated. It’s just great. Watch it.

Is there anything like this in the world of bikes? There are plenty of folks doing tricks on unlikely bikes… like this:

But that’s a whole different pace. If you’ve spotted something as gently gorgeous and full of genius skills as the Matt Tomasello video, let us know in the comments below.

And now, back to bikes…

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