Flippin’ Heck. It’s The Singletrack Tech… Shirt.

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Great news everyone…

The near legendary Singletrack Tech shirts are here. The Singletrack long sleeve tech jersey is a highly technical garment, that not only feels like glory, but it also doesn’t make you look like a roadie.

merch singletrack ride jersey black 2020 charlie
Not looking like a road cyclist roadie, but a bit like a Motorhead roadie

We have worked with a UK company to get a long sleeve jersey with a great cut and good feel. What’s more they are not only lightweight, and tough, but also dry quickly with great wicking qualities.

singletrack merch jersey vic
Getting the Freetime Thumbs Up award.

You will find the Singletrack logo across your chest, the Singletrack cog upon your bottom, and some instructions on your sleeve should you forget to have fun.

Pricing is turbo reasonable, with subscribers getting an extra few quid off. What’s more Singletrack members save too, and it costs you nothing to sign up as a member.

And you know what? The “green sleeves” jersey makes Chipps think of… Rainbow. That is worth a click

Next season.

These long sleeve tech jerseys are great for the colder end of the year, however we are working on some short sleeve designs for the spring. We are told the “in colours” for spring 2020 will be pink, yellow, and brown. We read that in Neopolitan magazine. I will get my coat.

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