Fizik X2 Winter Boots and Shoes Launch in the UK

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One of the the many bits and pieces we spotted at the recent NEC Cycling Show was the Fizik (or fi’zi:k if you’re being pedantic) stand on the Extra UK booth. There, among the usual Italian brand’s sleek performance and ‘How much?’ featherweight road racing shoes were some very UK-friendly looking mountain bike trail shoes: the Fizik X2 range.

Not what we’d normally think of from Fizik – this is the new X2 Ergolace
This is what we’d normally think of with Fizik…

The Fizik X2 winter boots and shoes range comprises three different pairs of shoes for an autumn to full-on winter range of use.

Fizik X2 Ergolace

Offset lacing in classic ‘Also comes in black’ black

Let’s start with the £119.99 Fizik X2 Ergolace. This is a familiar-looking lace-up, low top trail shoe, with a reasonably aggressive Vibram sole. The whole shoe features a good amount of edge protection, with a big rubber bumper around the toebox. Offset laces allow ‘infinite’ adjustment of fit too. And talking of fit, they’ll come in everything from a 36 to a 48, with half sizes on all but the very extremes.

There are three colours too, a natty athracite/grape, a black/black and this, the teal/black.

Fizik X2 Clima – £249.99

Possibly the most interesting for the UK is the £249.99 Fizik X2 Clima. This is a lightweight three-season boot with a knitted cuff.

A weatherproof hi-top with knitted cuff. No more scree in your socks…

The X2 Clima features a breathable, waterproof liner. The upper has a ripstop fabric, topped by a tall, integrated, knitted cuff to keep out stones, dirt, snow and most of the weather. There’s a big Velcro strap for quick cinching, along with a BOA dial to tune in the right fit. There’s the same chunky Vibram ‘Megagrip’ sole as the rest of the range, along with a large central channel (that we thought Shimano had patented, to be honest) for locating your SPD when you’re not clipped in.

Deep cleated sole with extra long channel for your SPD to sit in
Velcro and a BOA keep feet in place.

For on-bike drops and off-bike scrambling around, there’s an EVA midsole too for some cushioning and comfort.

X2 Terra Artica – £269.99

No vents, no mesh, just warm and dry feet…

This is the full-on winter boot of the three X2 boots, with an insulated linking and waterproof eVent membrane for waterproofing. There’s a tall neoprene cuff, with a zip-closure. A BOA dial is there to get the fit just right.

All in all, the X2 Terra Artica will set you back £269.99 and it only comes in black/black, but it does come in sizes 36-48 with half sizes in all but the largest and smallest.

For more details, have a look at the Fizik page on the Extra UK website.

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    Ok… I’ll open up the discussion.
    I do like the look of the winter boots. Quite a lot.
    HOW MUCH ?
    There. Said it 1st.

    And what’s the sizing like ? Sensible north-western European ? Or tiny weeny winey I-ti sizing that will need a size 67 to avoid crushed toes ?

    When will someone make a decent winter flat pedal shoe?

    First company to do so will sell boatloads.

    Nice, but insanely over priced!

    I have a pair of Specialized Defrosters which were £150 way back when. My mates thought I was nut for spending that but years later and many a smug comment about warm dry feet I would hesitate in another pair of proper winter boots, plus these look to tick all the boxes.

    Been waiting for someone to make a waterproof mid boot with a sticky mtb sole. Still waiting. I’ll be off up the moors in what’s basically a skate shoe again then…

    As above. WE DON’T ALL RUN CLIPS DARN IT!!!!!!!

    HOW MUCH ?”
    I win 20p 🙂 Thanks robertajobb…

    We’re still waiting for people to make decent flat winter shoes too, kayak. We’ve seen O.W.N. and Vaude and FiveTen all make reasonable winter shoes, but you’re right, there’s no one that’s got it just right for flat pedal users…

    Surely a flat winter boot shouldn’t be that hard? There’s one less hole to worry about!

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