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Don’t sit and think about your age, or that ‘is that arthritis’ knee… get on out there and keep riding!

The next issue of Singletrack Magazine is whirring its way round the printing presses right now, and one of the features in it is ‘My Grandad’s Head In A Jar’. If you want to know exactly what the jar reference is about, you’ll just have to get yourself a copy. But the general gist of the piece is about the joy of riding with your family, as Adam Batty rides out with his dad and Grandad, thanks to the ability-levelling power of e-bikes.

Not averse to an e-bike, though not riding one in the ‘Got Me Beat’ video, is Mike Kelley, father of Alchemy sponsored rider Cody Kelley. Mike – known as Ol’ Dog to many in the Utah riding scene – is current US Downhill Champion for his age group…which is 60-64. If you’re in any doubt about his skills, here he is celebrating his 60th birthday in a way most of us can only dream of have nightmares about.

At least he does admit that it was scary.

Enjoy watching Mike and Cody ride!

If you need a little more persuasion that you’re not too old and decrepit to get out and shred, how about reading Adele Mitchell’s feature ‘Over The Hill’, or watching the ‘We Still Ride On’ BMX edit.

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