The new Cotic BFe – ‘Burly Iron’ is unleashed!

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As Cotic rightly says of its burly hardtail, the BFe – ‘right from its introduction in 2005, the Cotic BFe has always been the tearaway of the Cotic family.

“The Soul’s stockier, rowdier younger brother. You know the one – loads of fun, but a bit on the wild side? That’s the BFe.This is our rowdiest hardtail, it will take everything you can throw at it, from BMX track laps to the steepest downhill lines.”

Cotic BFe in black
Cotic BFe in Sunny Yellow
Cotic BFe in Dark Grey – which is your favourite?
Chunky, welded dropouts.

Well, it’s already had the Cotic Longshot Geometry treatment, but it’s been brought up to date again, again now. The new BFe applies Cotic’s latest geometry developments, bringing in revised angles and better bike fit. There’s a steeper seat angle to make seated climbing easier with that longer top tube and the head angle has been slackened by a whole degree.

The new Cotic BFe is optimised around a 140mm fork but can be ridden with anything between 120mm and 160mm fork. It’s still a 27.5in hardtail and will take up to a 2.6in tyre. And due to popular demand, Cotic has also added an XL size for the first time in the BFe’s life.

All the usual Cotic features of Ovalform top tube, oversized plug welded seat tube, Syntace thru axle dropouts, stealth seatpost routing and taper steerer compatible head tube are all present and correct.

As Cotic says ‘Your new hardcore hardtail is here.’

The bike now features a reachy 463mm reach on a medium (485mm on a large) and now with 65°/74° angles.

Complete bike prices start at £1799 for the BFe Silver spec bike, while a frame only is £549, which includes: 148mm Syntace X-12 thru axle, Seat QR, chainstay protector and all your hose clips and parts.
More details can be found on Cotic’s website – and we’ll be bringing you a first ride review as soon as Cotic lets its Cotic CC members out of the woods from the member-only ride preview going on about… now.

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Comments (9)

    Why restrict it to 2.6″? I don’t get it.

    Max 2.6 sounds good to me, designed as a 27.5 rather than 27.5+/29

    I always wondered, am I supposed to pronounce it bee-eff-eeee, or beefy?

    Chainstay length will be the determining factor for why 2.6 Vs 2.8.

    If this is even a tiny bit better than the previous version it will be an absolute belter. Slightly slack seat angle is perhaps the only criticism I can make about mine and that’s niggling. Also prefer the previous blue ha, although the yellow is rather lovely in a lairy way.

    batteryhorsestaple – we’ve always said ‘Beefy’ here.

    @batteryhorsestaple – It’s pronounced BEEFY. Play on words Burly Iron, with Fe being the chemical symbol for iron. B Fe. See?

    @Trailrider Jim – We can’t accomodate 2.8s in the chainstay length we like for 27.5″ bikes, and also we have the SolarisMAX in the range which does up to 27.5 x 3.0, so that option exists elsewhere in the range. The WTB 27.5 x 2.6 tyres we stock are also MMAAAAAAHOOOOSSIVE (technical term) so there’s plenty of volume to be had within the 2.6 limit in our opinion.

    I loved my old 26” wheeled BFe. If I had the money I’d be sorely tempted by one of these. Plus yellow, second only to purple for best frame colour.

    Love the ‘Wild Roots’ t-shirt – a bike/outdoor company??

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