Singletrack Salvation Cycling Chamois Cream– It saves our souls

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Do you ever get a sore bottom whilst cycling? Salvation is here in the buttery form of Singletrack Salvation chamois cream.

What is chamois?

Chamois is a type of soft pliable leather now made from sheepskin or lambskin. Yes, this really was what used to line the crotch areas of cycling shorts until modern materials gave us better performing, non-animal based alternatives.

How do you pronounce ‘chamois’?

If you’ve been calling it ‘shammy’ you’ve been doing it wrong, technically and officially. It’s actually pronounced ‘sham wah’. However, the common British colloquial way of pronouncing it remains ‘shammy’.

singletrack salvation chamois cream
Yeah, we did have trouble getting someone to model for this product.

Four ways to avoid a sore bottom when cycling.

Cycling can put huge demands on your “downstairs” regions leading to everything from general sore bottoms, aches, to chaffing, and even infection. However, there are several easy ways to stop a sore bum whilst cycling.

1 | Get some good quality padded cycling shorts. 

Cycling shorts have a seamless pad in the groin, and this simply means that there is no material to bunch up and cause a sore bottom. If the idea of cycling around in skin-tight lycra fill you with dread, it sounds like passers-by may be equally as unkeen for you to ride around with your nether regions on display. So, the trick is to wear baggy shorts over the top or get some cycling specific baggy shorts with a built-in chamois pad.

2 | Get a saddle that suits you.

Everyone is a different anatomical shape downstairs: sit bones vary in width, and ladies are significantly different to men down there. But the good news is there are countless saddle variations, and one of them will be ideal for you. All the main manufacturers offer female and male variations, and many shops now have a sit bone measuring stool, so you can pick the right width. Go and ask in your local bike shop.

The search for ultimate saddle has taken many weird twists and turns. You would not believe what designers have come up with to solve the age old problem of a sore bum. Check this link out here to see some of the craziest saddles ever made. 

3 | Stay clean down there.

Ok, this is a difficult subject to circumnavigate with out saying “make sure you wipe your bum properly”. Oh hell, look I just said it. Clean yourself up well before and after a ride. You really don’t want any dirty debris grinding away down there. But there is also a very real risk of infection once the skin is broken. Some people carry wet wipes for mid-ride calls of nature. However, these now have a bad reputation regarding their lack of green credentials#, and cycling round with a used wet-wipe in your back pocket won’t win you any friends. But manufacturers do now offer biodegradable alternatives, have a look here….

4 | Use Cycling Chamois Cream.

Cyclists have been sticking various things down their shorts since the beginning of cycling time in the quest for thwart a sore bottom. In the early days a slab of steak would have been used to line the shorts, and legend has it the steak would be passed to the chef at the end of a long day racing, cooked and eaten. But you will be delighted to learn that this is no longer required as we now have Singletrack Salvation Chamois Cream.

Singletrack Salvation Cycling Cream is different to many cycling creams, as it actually a butter made from vegetable-based ingredients. It does not sit on top of your skin, squirming around like you have shat yourself… it is absorbed into the skin leaving a slick finish, without the slop.

The main ingredients are Thyme, Clove and Tea-tree. These create a natural antiseptic, that is also mildly aesthetic, whilst being really slick and friction free.

Many people use Vaseline as a cheap alternative. However, the creator of Singletrack Salvation Cycling Cream tells us… “Using Vaseline is a really bad idea, it’s a petrol jelly, very short term relief is quickly followed by a drying of the skin and you can end up in a worse situation. Hell, my Scout group use it as fire lighter. Why the hell would you want that down there?”.

Singletrack Brings Salvation To Save Our Souls

Start using Singletrack Salvation intimate cycling chamois cream today. Simply apply a small amount (approx. 1 smidge or 2ml) onto your cycling shorts, or directly onto your intimate saddle regions for a smoother ride.

Made entirely from vegetables and no nasty petrochemicals, this chamois cream prevents friction, and firmly tells infection to take a hike.

It’s not only an arse cream, it also works on balls and lady parts too. What’s more it can also be used for:

  • After-sun.
  • Insect Bites.
  • Lip balm, but don’t double dip!
  • Pad / armour rub.
  • Jogger’s nipple.
  • Nordic Grind. 

Do you know that having a wonderfully scented chamois adds sparkle to your personality, making you more charming and attractive?

To get your downstairs working for you, make sure you wear good padded cycling shorts (more info here) and ask for Singletrack Salvation today.


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