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Celebrate Mountainbiking With The Singletrack Wisecracker Beer Bottle Opener

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You should always be near the ones you love… and that is why you are never that far from your bike or your beer… and now you can always be near a beer bottle opener too with the Singletrack Wisecracker beer bottle opener and headset spacer.

With this cunning device you can not only stop your headset falling apart, but you can also celebrate your victories with a beer. Maybe you won one of those race things that super keen people do? Or perhaps you have nailed that drop-off that you have chickened out on for the previous three weekends? Did you beat that super keen guy up the last climb, or kick his arse in the last corner of the descent? Did you get to the top struggling, swearing, pushing, huffing, puffing, stopping for a breather… then, you are the champion, and you have won the right to use the Singletrack Wisecracker Beer Bottle Opener.

However, if this does not sound like the most amazing bicycle accessory ever, if you cannot handle this level of victory, or you don’t drink beer… then perhaps you should entertain a beer flavoured gel instead, such as this one here.

Singletrack Wisecracker… now you can taste the victory.

Wisecracker Singletrack
Holds your bike together and opens your beer.

American Mike says… The WiseCracker LITE is the original bottle opener for your bike. It neatly fits as a headset spacer under your handlebars and can be installed in just 5 minutes. Celebrate your lack of gears with an abundance of beers and open them with this WiseCracker. (also compatible with geared bikes).

Technical Specifications:

  • 1-1/8″ Headset Spacer
  • Material = 6061 aluminum
  • Finish = Hard anodized, black
  • Stack Height = 4.8mm
  • Weight = 16 grams
singletrack beer bottle opener headset
Beer without bikes is like a chain without lube.
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