RedBull Hardline – Bigger In Real Life, But Is It Worth The Effort?

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What’s it like to be at RedBull Hardline? Should you make the trip to Wales, or stay home and watch on TV? James finds out. RedBull Hardline 2019 2.11pm, Saturday 14 September 2019. A pack of four sparrowhawks circle ominously in the sky, while butterflies drift lazily between the Dirty…

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Having ridden bikes for as long as he can remember, James takes a certain twisted pleasure in carrying his bike to the most inaccessible locations he can find, before attempting to ride back down again, preferably with both feet on the pedals. After seeing the light on a recent road trip to Austria, James walked away from the stresses of running a design agency, picked up a camera and is several years deep into a mid life crisis that shows no sign of abating. As a photographer, he enjoys nothing more than climbing trees and asking others to follow his sketchy lines while expecting them to make it look as natural and stylish as possible. He has come to realise this is infinitely more fun than being tied to a desk, and is in no hurry to go back.

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