Production Privée and Forestal Join Forces Titanium PP coming soon

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Big news away from Eurobike this week is that Forestal, the tech brand Cedric Gracia is riding for, has now joined forces with Production Privée.

Production Privée, our favourite Andorran steel bike maker, and Forestal, a new tech based bike start up, have announced a new collaboration which will see the two unlikely brands work together on new bikes, projects and more.

Production Privee and Forestal.
Production Privee and Forestal.

Both Production Privée and Forestal are based in Andorra, and now that Forestal is building its own production space in the country, Production Privee frames will soon be manufactured locally too.

The joining of the two brands will allow Production Privée to continue working on unique frames in the traditional PP way, but it also gives the company scope to expand, work in new materials and design bikes for more disciplines.

Production Privee and Forestal.
So what will the Titanium bike look like?

For example, Production Privée is now working on gravel bikes based on its unique heritage for classic bikes with modern geo, and for us hardcore mountain bike fans we have a new titanium bike to look forward too.

So far we don’t know what the Titanium bike will be, hardtail or full suspension, but we can only imagine it will be something very special.

While we wait for more updates on the Production Privee and Forestal merger, you can look forward to Andi’s upcoming Shan No 5 Martini custom build coming very soon.

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    Love my PP hardtail. Can’t say I’d pay the extra for a Ti version but looking forward to seeing what the merger brings.
    Mind you, Cedric has worked with PP for quite a while now no?

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