Eurobike 2019: Convert your Hope Pro 4 to Microspline for $25

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When it was revealed that Hope couldn’t get a license to make a Microspline freehub there was uproar, luckily this Chinese company came to the rescue.

Microspline is a new standard that Shimano came up with when it released its long-over-due 1 x 12 drivetrains. Shimano XTR, XT and SLX have all been upgraded to 1 x 12 which is great news, unless you happen to run Hope hubs.

The issue is Shimano awards manufacturers a license to be allowed to make Microspline freehubs. So far Shimano has worked with larger OEM companies but hasnt gotten around to giving Hope, Stan’s, plus others the official stamp to go ahead and make their own.

That caused quite a stir, and this article talking about the issue created a buzz with Singletrack readers who want their Hope parts to be Shimano compatible.

hope microspline
Well, look what we have here!

The bad news is that officially there still isnt an agreement in place, the good news is that Chinese brand FOVNO doesn’t care, and have gone ahead and made its own freehub for Microspline hubs that are compatible with Hope Pro 4 hubs.

hope microspline
Available for Hope, i9, and Mavic.

Actually they make Microspline freehubs for Hope, Industry Nine and Mavic hubs.

FOVNO reps told us that the cost of the freehub is just $25, but thats if youre planning on ordering an MOQ (minimum order quantity – probably hundreds, we’d reckon – Ed) from China. Still, this conversion is still going to be much cheaper than buying a new hub and rebuilding your wheel, and it wont take too long before theyre readily available online.

Would you be willing to give one of these Hope Microspline conversions a try? Perhaps you already have. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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