FGF 466 | The closest you’ll get to sitting on Ben Deakin’s face

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This week’s Fresh Goods is brought to you by the past, just a few days in the past, but the past none the less. A time before the Singletrack Readers Awards, a time when our heads were much less fuzzy and hungover.

It was a clear and wonderful time, and as much as we enjoyed ourselves last night we do wish we could return to those days where the slightest keyboard ‘clack’ didn’t bring on a monster headache.

Thok Mig RR

Thok Mig RR
Another Thokking e-bike!

Thok is an Italian manufacturer that only produces e-Bikes. This, the Mig R, is their 140mm travel full-suspension bike that’s also sold as a Ducati branded Mig RR. Our test bike has a Shimano E8000 motor, external battery, a colour coordinated battery cage that can be switched to an optional black one to suit your style.

If you need more info about the Thok Mig R then take a read of our first look article here.

Praep ProPilot

  • Price: €99 normally €149
  • From: Praep
Praep ProPilot
Gaming and exercise combined.

With Autumn and Winter rolling in it’s good to keep your options open when trying to keep in shape. When those gloomy days do roll around and you just can’t bring yourself to ride, the Pro Pilot could be a neat alternative.

The fitness gadget is available by itself or with the Praep’s own brand bar and grips and uses a mobile app to help you improve your upper body strength. The App features games, virtual mountain bike and moto-X rides and a workout feature. Yes, it’s bloody hard work!

Sun Ringle Düroc SD37 Pro Wheels

Sun Ringle Düroc SD37 Pro Wheels
Sun Ringle Düroc SD37 Pro Wheels

Sun Ringle says that the Düroc SD37 Pro wheelset is aimed at World-class riders. These burly, yet well-priced wheels, are built for the ‘gnarliest descents’ and are built on an all-new Super Bubba Hub. Wheelsmith straight-pull spokes and brass nipple join the new hub to the wide, 32mm rim. If you’re an AM, Enduro, DH or e-MTB rider these are the Sun Ringle wheels to look at, and it will be up to David to try and smash them to pieces. Tune in for the review to see if he/they survive.

Patrol 691

Patrol mountain 691
A long way from home.

Patrol is an Indonesian bike company that is branching out into the U.S and European markets for next year. The 2020 Patrol range features an enduro e-MTB, e-Hardtail, kids bikes, a DJ bike and this the Patrol 691.

Like many modern enduro bikes, the Patrol 691 sports large 29er wheels, 160mm of travel (150mm rear), and a 1 x 12 Shimano drivetrain. Interestingly the 691 also comes with the latest Superboost hub standard too.


  • Price: €2100
  • From: SRAM
No cables or wires here.

SRAM’s 12-speed drivetrain of the future has arrived at Singletrack Towers. This XX1 AXS system will be fitted to a bike that Chipps plans on putting together, where the tiny robotic derailleur will shift the oil slick chain across an equally pretty cassette. Being top of the line, this system isn’t just fancy but it feels pretty lightweight too.

RockShox Reverb AXS

RockShox Reverb AXS
RockShox Reverb AXS

To further declutter Chipps’ new bike, SRAM has also provided a new RockShox AXS dropper for him to test too. With no hoses or cables to mess about with, this wireless dropper should be a breeze to fit.

If you thought Chipps was excited about building up this technologically advanced bike, then just think how we all feel! Imagine the fun we’re going to have remotely controlling his drivetrain and groupset and reprogramming things without his knowledge! Let the fun times roll.

DMR OiOi Saddle

DMR OiOi Saddle
OiOi approved!

Truvativ Descendant Carbon Riser

Truvativ Descendant Carbon Riser
Lightweight carbon bars for a high-tech electronic bike.

This Descendant 35mm carbon downhill bar is aimed at fast gravity racers who anchor for stiff, precise handling in the roughest of conditions. It measures in at 800mm wide, has a 20mm rise, with a 5° upsweep and 9° back. We believe that this lovely rod of carbon will also appear on a Chipps creation. What could he be building?

As it’s the morning after the Singletrack Readers Awards and I am going to assume that a few of us are going to be worse for wear, let’s use this wonderful remix and ask our colleagues to kindly shut-up and keep the noise down.

Please keep the noise down.


And we will finish on a high note with some stone-cold classics.

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