Eurobike 2019: Clarks M4 4 Pot brakes just £70 a pair!

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Clarks is showing off the new Clarks M4 4 Pot disc brake at Eurobike that cost just £70, and that’s for a pair with a set of disc rotors too!

The Clarks M4 is a new 4 piston brake aimed at downhill and E-Bike riders who want serious stopping power on a budget. Clarks says the M4 is its most powerful brake to date, has a slimline design and is lightweight at just 252g.

Clarks m4
4 pot brakes for just £70.

At the lever end of the Clarks M4 is a brake lever that is very similar in design to a Shimano brake lever, and like Shimano, the M4 uses mineral oil has an open clamp design and lever reach adjustment. 

The “4” in the M4 name refers to the 4 piston design of the caliper that promises powerful and predictable braking performance.

While we can’t comment on how powerful the Clarks M4 is on the trail, what we can comment on is the price. 

A complete set of M4’s including front and rear brakes, calipers, pads, and discs has a retail price of around £70! Yes, £70 for a pair of 4 piston brakes, and that’s an in-store price not an online discount sale price.

We’ve already checked to see if we can get a pair on test so watch out for a full review of the Clarks M4 coming in the near future.

Andi Sykes

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    those pictures make me very confused.

    Will wait for the review with interest!

    See they thought long and hard about borrowing a competitors model name….

    The most famous site from across the pond says the Clarks brakes are $99 and end, so roughly £70 per stopper. That low for a set (front and rear) seems too cheap to be true.

    Are these available yet? Is there a release date?

    I suspect a misunderstanding on the price – perhaps “per set” was taken by one person to mean per brake and the other as per two brakes?

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the price was correct, you can get two pot versions for c.£40 including rotors? Had some Clark’s disc brakes around ten years ago and they were fine.

    Any news on release date?

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