Video | Dudes of Hazzard – STEALIN’ axles and HOOKIN’ turns!

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Take a break and enjoy this video from the Dudes of Hazzard.

From the land of dry cake and wicked trails, the Dudes of Hazzard bring us another fun video of roost and giggles. Shot in Madeira, it’s the usual mix of messing around on bikes and making it look easy and effortless, loosely tied together with a silly story.

Dudes of Hazzard
Next video – Rampage?

The blurb says:

Liam and James decide to lengthen their stay in Madeira but disaster strikes James down and Liam presses on alone…

James stumbles across an unsuspecting Adrien Daily and Craigdoggy Miller and steals an axle from them in broad daylight to get his bike back in action to restore happiness all around.’

There’s some vertigo inducing sitting, and some excellent high intensity moping. Also some less than excellent low intensity acting. Enjoy!

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