The Loris Vergier Soundboard is the greatest thing to come out the DH WC

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The Loris Vergier Soundboard is the gift that keeps giving! The developers of this fun website plan to keep adding more to it as the season continues.

There are many web-based items or apps that come and go. 21st-century fads like the fat camera app, or fake ghost tracking app, or Vine, but there are some that just keeping coming back like the soundboard.

If someone had asked me what my favorite soundboard to date was just yesterday (not a very likely scenario I know)I would have said the Rob Warner soundboard from his old Freecaster days, but ask me today and I’ll have a new answer.

Introducing the Loris Vergier Soundboard, a collection of sound bytes from the fast Frenchman which he uses to communicate, confuse and anger Fox Suspension guru Jordi Cortes. The web page currently features 47 signature Vergier sounds with my personal favorites being “Waanana 2” and “Cahcahkingkingkung”, but those are the classics surely?

loris vergier sound board
Which sound is your favorite?

Channel your inner Loris Vergier and tell Jordi Cortes all about your setup woes through meaningful, unambiguous, highly contextual noises.

Loris Vergier Soundboard

The webpage has been developed by Tom Burridge with all the sounds coming from the Fox produced Dialed serious of videos and Ben Cathro.

If you don’t know the series here’s one you can watch now.

There’s no way to link to each sound or embed the soundboard here, so you’ll have to go to the site directly and spend the next few hours having Vergier-Phonic-Fun.

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