Singletrack Magazine Issue 126 Is Out Now – Join Us

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It’s been 126 issues since we published the very first Singletrack magazine way back in 2001… in the middle of the now historic, Foot and Mouth outbreak where none of us were allowed to ride bikes outside. Despite this, and the fact we launched on April 1st, we managed to keep up the routine for another 125 issues.

And here we are, looking out a glowering sky from our warm office, waiting for the clouds to part so we can get out and ride bikes. If you are doing the same then passing the time by inspiring yourself with a copy of Singletrack magazine will definitely help.

We have a feature on Manon Carpenter in this issue, which Manon herself is very pleased with judging by her Instagram posts on it.

What else is in it?

How about a feature on e-MTBs where it all goes wrong?

Singletrack latest opening spreads

More than a paper thing

singletrack latest issue 126
Making these since 2001

Hey, we love print and we know that thousands of you do to, but we also love the benefits of technology and that’s why Singletrack comes in more formats than any other bike mag in the world.

Premier members can read copies via our custom Singletrack app, complete with interactive elements, videos, galleries and more. Bury yourself deeper in the inspiration.

Our app is provided for us by one of the biggest digital app publishing companies, Pocketmags.

Premier members get all future issues included in their package but you can buy individual issues through the app.

Singletrack eBooks

If you want the long read versions of all our features with less of the images getting in the way then you can opt for the ebook version.

Issues are available via our online mag archive to Premier Members for Kindle devices and even iBooks on Apple devices.

Our eBook versions are just like eBooks. Each issues is made up of feature chapters with a handful of illustrative images but all the text. They work on all Kindle devices and most other ebook readers.

Classic rides

All our route guides are available to our Premier members in our Classic Ride section. In there you can download the GPX files and even the OS maps.

We are working back through our archive to update all our issue with maps and GPX files.

Komoot users will soon be able to download each of our route guides directly into your Komoot account complete with extra route highlights (Coming with issue 127)

PDF Archive

The complete history of Singletrack magazine can be accessed in our complete PDF Mag Archive.

In there you’ll find every issue we’ve ever published. Yes! Including some early embarrassing attempts at poetry – No really!

What else?

Well, if getting all of the above, no matter what type of membership package you opt for, was not enough, members also get a load of extras too.

If you merely register an account with us on this site you get 80% fewer ads in your browser. We know they are annoying when all you want to do is chat with other forum members or read a review, but they are still vital to us. That said, paid up Premier members get a website completely free of all display ads, and that includes the monthly members too.

Just registering gets you access to all our reviews. Premier members get access to more extras like galleries and online features.


Our online shop sells all the stuff we think is good enough to carry our Logo. It’s important to us that what we sell to you is really good. But if you are a Premier members then the prices you see will be a great deal less than the prices our non-members see.

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