Singletrack Issue 126 | Colour Wheels

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Sim Mainey goes behind the scenes to find out who decides what colours you’ll be wearing and riding next year, and what will be old hat the next.

Words Sim Mainey Photography credited

While most of us would like to believe that we base our bike-related purchases on performance, value and fit, the truth is we’re heavily swayed by a far less quantifiable, but no less important factor – colour.

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Comments (2)

    Great feature, well written and good choice of contributors.
    Would have been nice to ask the designers what their worst mistake was, as we know some of those interviewed have put out minging looking bikes.
    Also… “With the lifespan of a bike far exceeding that of a jersey” – totally the opposite in my case, I’ve got 10-year-old jerseys but have had dozens of bikes over the last decade. And yes, I had a problem.

    I want bikes to have interesting colourways, like Shan’s heritage motorsport designs. Choice of designs with historic meaning would be good. Check out what Heel Tread are doing with socks for example. With frame design becoming optimal, I suspect wider choice and customisation will become more prevalent.

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