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Granite Stash Tool System Is My Back To School Essential

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Granite Design has released its own Stash Tool system with all the benefits of the OneUp but without the need to thread your steerer.

And it’s more affordable too!

Granite Design has a couple of tool systems that hide into the otherwise empty orifices on your bike. They have handy tools that you can bung into the ends of your handlebar, and now a more functional tool that stashes in your steerer.

granite design stash tool
Always where it should be.

The idea behind the Granite Design Stash Tool System will look familiar to some as it offers many of the hidden benefits as OneUp’s own tool, but this model doesn’t require you to tap and thread your steerer tube making it simpler to install and more affordable to buy.

Instead of using a thread in your steerer to fit, the Stash Tool System uses an alloy housing that actually replaces the star fangled nut in your steerer. The housing is in two parts that pull together with a single bolt meaning you can easily move the tool from bike to bike too.

granite design stash tool
Now you see me.

But why would you want a tool like this when you can pop one in your backpack? Well, rummaging around in your pack for your tool isn’t very convenient, is it?

And what about those times when you forget to pack it? In theory, the Granite Stash System should always be on your bike, unless you have a habit of removing bike parts and not replacing them, which could be quite worrying when you come to think of it.

granite design stash tool
Now you don’t.

At just 135g the Stash shouldn’t upset weight weenies, and the benefit of having a multi-tool right where you need it should outweigh any… er… weight issues.

Hidden inside the tiny Stash are the following tools;

  • Valve core remover.
  • Multi-size spoke key.
  • Allen keys.
  • T25.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 6mm Allen keys.

Granite Designs ships the Stash Tool System with everything you need to install it, and with bolts that suit steerer lengths 150-240mm long.

The complete system is made from CNC machined AL7075 alloy finished in either Granite Design’s signature orange or a stealthy black. The Stash is available through the Granite Design website worldwide for just $54.99.

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Comments (19)

    What holds the tool in place?

    All you need is a “Fork Cork”, far simpler and far cheaper, I got mine from, I’ve run with it for 9 months, it’s one of those things you never knew you needed until you have it, brilliant.

    @gavalar not sure that is the cheaper option. £27.99 for the Fork Cork plus about £20 for a mini tool. That’s around $58. The Stash Tool is $54.99.

    I use one of these. tool
    Has a chain splitter incorporated with spare links magnetically held there.

    Can’t see it on the website?
    Don’t forget Andi that that price is before shipping, vat, any import duties and the carrier handling charge. Always seems to spoil what seems to be a reasonable price and makes the fork cork look a fair bit cheaper.

    I’d be interested in knowing more about how it replaces the SFN etc.
    Can’t see it on their site either.

    Wally, when riding in soaking conditions, how wet and muddy does that get? Like the idea of using the dead space but hve my reservations….

    @singletrackandi how’s this different to oneup components EDC STEM which eliminates threading the fork steerer?

    scc999 – The magnets completely seal the crank shaft hole, so it gets damp – not rusty yet, but never muddy.

    Pics on their facebook page but no more info.
    It looks like the tool sits in a tube, which presumably has the preload bolt/device in the bottom & a lip at the top to overlap the top of the stem.

    nigelm, its different to the EDC stem in that it doesn’t cost you an extra £100 on top of the tool, plus there are limitations to it.
    I have the EDC stem & the preload device is a pain in the arse. It’s difficult to pre-preload the stem leaving just the 2-3mm for the preload device to remove. You have to over torque it to get it to stay put & I haven’t yet found a way to stop the bloody thing creaking!
    Add to that I normally turn my bars to fit it on my bike rack, which never crossed my mind at the time of buying it, but I have to go through this process every time I loosen the stem bolts.
    I can’t see me keeping it long.
    Love the tool & concept, so far not loving the stem.

    Interestingly not on their website but read much like the Specialized one? Two part system bolts together and the compression between the two parts does star fangled nuts job, just cheaper and orange so must be good :/

    Anyone know when it’ll actually be available?

    @singletrackandi , any chance of a photo of the tool when it’s not obscured by the stem? Looks like it’s basically a bit holder type tool?
    I have the oneup, which I got fitted at the Afan BNES round by the Pedal Addiction pop up. The tool is great, geekily nicely made, really solid. My only complaint is that after 4 days of Morzine braking bumps the bolts holding the tool together worked loose and it was almost impossible to remove from the steerer as it was suddenly too wide for the hole… In hindsight, I might have been tempted by the oneup pump with the tool inside. But it’s pricey for what it is.

    panzerjager I’ve used the EDC stem and tool combo for a number of months, I’ve found the initial preload setup a little tricky but fine once I got the hang of it. I wouldn’t want to be undoing it everyride though! Bike goes inside car always 🙂 Not had any squeak issues at all. On;y issue I face is getting the tool out with gloves on! I’ve greased the o’ring to make it easier but its still a bugger when you need it.

    @singletrackandi it would be good to see all the bits that make this up.
    Interested to see how it clamps the steerer etc.
    Strange that they aren’t listing it on their site yet though.

    Looks like you can get the Granite stuff from Amazon Uk rather than from the US which should save on the import duty hassle and being mugged off by the post office for admin fees

    Granite stuff is available in the UK from
    I ordered some ‘Clever’ tyre levers & valve removal caps from them last Christmas.
    turned up in a couple of days & charged in sterling.

    Great links- thanks, but they are all selling the other Granite products – anyone know where to get the multi tool product?

    No chain breaker?

    That’s a deal-breaker for me. Need to have one and the point is to avoid carrying extra bits. It’s what out me off the original specialized swat tool too (the new stem one is just too bloody expensive!).

    Wally – Those crank tools are great, I found a free one lying on the trail a couple of weeks ago, must be cheap as chips too 😉

    I was all for getting one but it would appear that when things get properly rough the magnets aren’t enough. Shame as it’s an otherwise good concept.

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