Best Hardware – Singletrack Reader Awards 2019 Finalists

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These are the bits you attach to your bike. Maybe they come on a complete bike, maybe you replace something old, or maybe you just upgrade to something even more better. Whatever it is, from bells to brakes, hardware goes on you bike. Here’s the pick of the bunch for this year.

The Finalists – Best Hardware

Maxxis Minion DHRII

While previous editions of the Minion DHR might have had you sliding everywhere, the DHR II is a whole new Minion, and it’s so good it’s everywhere. Whether it shipped on your bike as spec, or you’ve added it yourself, there’s a very good chance you have ridden this tyre. Performing across a whole bunch of conditions regularly encountered in the UK, it become an all round favourite and as numerous as those damned yellow creatures your kids love.

Rev Grips

Squawks of ‘How Much?!’ were countered by cried of ‘But they WORK!’. These £99 grips may have raised an eyebrow but their performance has dampened both the scepticism and the trail chatter. Adjustable elastomer inserts and an internal sleeve enable the shakes from the trail to be dissipated, and the many fans claim they’re just what’s needed to keep arm pump at bay during big descents and punishing races.


Everywhere else in the world we’re going wireless, but until SRAM AXS landed, bikes had fallen behind. And then we all went ‘Ahh, we didn’t know we wanted that, but LOOK AT THAT RAINBOW CASSETTE, take our money!’. As well as looking pretty and ridding our bikes of superfluous wiring its new wireless range promises perfect shifting (or dropper dropping) every time . With pick and mix controls across the road and MTB range, plus app based customisation, you can get everything set up exactly as you want it. The early adopters love it, does it get your vote?

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