Video | Pan Celtic Race – An event we probably don’t want to do

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We’ve spotted an event we don’t want to do, but we like their videos.

Our very own Jason Miles has already set off on the Pan Celtic race, a ‘self-supported cycling adventure, journeying through the Celtic Nations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales’. He did very well for a couple of days. And then he pulled out, because lots of things hurt, a lot. Some of those hurty things we probably don’t want to hear about, and we certainly don’t want to see. But if you subscribe to Singletrack, you may well hear about them in a future edition of his regular column. We’ll try and keep the pictures savoury.

Pan Celtic Race
‘If it can go wrong, it will’

Jason can be spotted having a little sitting up nap (leaving us to wonder why he didn’t just go the whole hog and lie down?) at a ferry terminal, in one of the very excellent short videos being produced by the race each day.

Yes, it’s riding on tarmac. But, Jason was doing it, and he’s one of us. And, they’re very nice videos.

There’s a nice feel of ‘they don’t know what’s coming, do they’.

Followed by ‘they’re finding out this isn’t fun, aren’t they’.

If you watch these and think ‘YES! That’s the race for me!’ then fair play to you. You’ve probably done the Strathpuffer, haven’t you. Can we just point out this:

  • Full Route of 1476 mile and 88,260 ft climbing

The rest of us, we’ll probably just sit back and enjoy the gentle story telling, the pretty scenery, the unfolding mini dramas, the unravelling plans, and the growing beards. We’ll enjoy watching, and then we’ll dig out our flat pedals and our knobbly tyres, and stick to our own kind of fun.

If you want to read what Jason has to say about the world of bikes, subscribe to Singletrack to read all his past musings, and get whatever he has to say for the year ahead.

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