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Tuesday Treat: The NEW Mudhugger quick-release Short and FRX

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MudHugger has re-introduced the quick-release version of its popular mudguard system, boasting new and improved straps for even faster installation.

Imagine this just for a second, you’ve woken up to find that the weather is absolutely glorious. You pop on your summer riding kit, you don your MudHugger shades and you jump in the car to head for the trail. Then the inevitable happens, the clouds darken, the temperature drops and the heavens open! If only you had remembered to fit a mudguard!

quick release mudhugger
New reusable velcro straps are used for easy installation and removal.

It’s for situations like this that Premier Dealer, The Mudhugger, has developed the updated version of the popular fender range with reusable and adjustable velcro fastening straps.

The quick release range of Mudhuggers come in the same Shorty and FRX flavors as the non-QR versions, and they can be permanently fitted with zip-ties if you decide to run them all year, but for those of us who like swap and change bikes and only need the one MudHugger then the QR could be the answer.

quick release mudhugger
Designed to stay in place even on rough rides.

Both the Shorty QR and FRX QR offer the same wheel coverage and mud protection that we’re used to experiencing from MudHugger products, but the slots for attachment have been increased to accept the new and improved velcro straps. Each Mudhugger ships with 6 velcro straps, 2 shorter straps for the fork brace and 4 larger straps for attaching to your stanchions.

Fitting the QR to your bike is a fast and simple process and takes just a few seconds, and once fitted it feels as secure as it would if fitted with traditional zip-ties.

quick release mudhugger
The velcro straps come in 2 sizes to ensure correct installation.

Mudhugger is selling the QR version of the Mudhugger FRX and Shorty on its website now, but if you’re a Singletrack subscriber and you fancy one for yourself you can win one by answering the question below.

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