Stanton Bikes brings Titanium hardtail manufacture to the UK

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After hitting a home run with its made in the UK full-suspension frames, Stanton Bikes is now adding UK made Titanium hardtails to the range.

As much as we all love to see brands bring manufacturing back to the UK, it’s not always as simple as buying a couple of welders, some tubing and getting on with it. The UK is hardly full of qualified welders and engineers that want to build bikes for a living, plus the costs involved are much higher than in other countries.

Stanton Switch9er
Hannah loved her UK made Stanton Switch9er FS.

But despite those hurdles, a few UK bike brands have successfully brought frame manufacturing back in-house and one of those brands is Stanton Bikes.

Stanton originally announced it would build its range of full-suspension frames in the UK. Those bikes feature a steel front triangle bolted to an alloy rear end and each one is built in the UK. They are also powder coated at Stanton HQ and if you’re after something a little different you can even order a bike with custom geometry.

It’s an impressive achievement which is obviously going well for the Stanton crew as they’ve just added made in the UK Titanium hardtails to the mix.

Visiting the Titanium catalog on the Stanton website reveals that 4 Titanium frames will be available as UK made including the popular Switchback Ti, Switch9er Ti, SherpaTi and Slackline Ti. These 4 frames will get an added ‘UK’ to the end of their title to differentiate them from the non-UK made Sherpa Ti which currently remains available.

stanton bikes switch9er ti UK
A classic now made in the UK.

Each of the Ti UK frames cost from £1850 -£2050 depending on if you choose a stock geometry bike or a custom one, plus what options you decide to add to your frame. Custom options will include changes to the seat tube length, top tube, and head tube length meaning you could build a Switchback Ti UK, Sherpa Ti UK, Slackline Ti UK or Switch9er Ti UK with the reach of your dreams.

Stanton plans to begin production of the Ti UK range of frames this month (July 2019) and they are already accepting pre-orders online, so if you fancy a custom, UK made, Titanium Stanton you know where to look.

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