2 New Freeride Movies For The Summer

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There are two big mountain bike movies coming our way this summer. Handy for tired days, dark nights, or ice-elevate-rest days.

Return To Earth

Out today is ‘Return To Earth’, available on pay to view here. It’s a round the world trip of riding and riders from Anthill Films. There’s a free teaser segment featuring Brett Rheeder riding some awesome steep lines in Utah:

And there’s a blurb:

“Return to Earth, the ninth movie from the crew at Anthill Films, is a cinematic journey across diverse mountain bike communities, personalities and environments. Each segment captures a different way the bike can immerse riders in the present moment. Starring some of the sport’s biggest athletes, unsung shredders and up-and-coming youth, Return to Earth features the most diverse group of riders Anthill has ever assembled. And to bring their vision to life, the crew traveled to more locations than ever before, with shoots taking place all over the world from hometown trails in Squamish, BC to the remote mountains of Patagonia. All set to an unforgettable classic rock soundtrack.

“Our goal with Return to Earth, is to transport the viewer immediately into that feeling of total immersion you get on a bike ride.” says Anthill Director and Producer Darcy Wittenburg. “These days, it feels like we are becoming more and more disconnected from the natural world and distracted from the things that really matter. We believe that the bike can be a powerful tool to help counter this. We’re hoping the film connects with audiences and can help inspire new riders to get out on a bike.”

Rheeder in Utah. Credit: Sterling Lorence MTB Movie
Rheeder in Utah. Credit: Sterling Lorence
Sweet shot. Credit: Margus Riga
OMG. Credit: Margus Riga

If that has you nodding, Brett has this to add:

“I think time should be used in a conscious way. I’d say most people can probably remember those experiences; where we’re living in a moment where time seems to slow down and we can describe every detail of that experience. And I think we hunt for those moments without often realizing it. Entire days of our lives, they can pass without meaning. Yet in those moments of absolute clarity, there’s an entire lifetime worth remembering.”

Some of those moments of clarity and time slowing down seem to happen to us just before a sharp interface with the ground, but we’ll keep riding and trying in the hope of achieving them before landing the perfect jump.

Vero Sandler – Vision

Also out this summer if Vero Sandler’s documentary about ” her VISION for the future of a sport. Taking inspiration from the streets, dirt jumping and freeride, this action focused documentary follows Veronique’s journey alongside her heroes as she brings her VISION to life. Working in partnership with Revolution Bike Park in Wales, UK. Together they made a dream a reality.”

There’s a new trailer out today to mark the coming release date of the movie – 30th July. We’re looking forward to that.

VISION Movie Trailer MTB Movie
Someone is really good at sandcastles.

And don’t forget…

There’s our movie, ‘Mountain Biking – the Untold British Story’, free to view. It’s not all round the world jet setting crank flips and no handers. There’s plenty of joy to be found on our doorsteps.

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