Watch Yoann Barelli’s Season Ending Accident

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Don’t worry it’s not blood filled, bone snapping, mega crash from the top of a Rampage line. Nope, Yoann is out for 6-9 months after attempting this climb!

Yoann Barelli is one of the most entertaining enduro riders on the circuit. He’s known for tackling insane chutes and getting naked at the drop of the hat, but this talented rider has just ended his racing season.

When you hear that someone like Barelli has had an accident leading to a complete ACL tear, MCL trauma and small fractures to the tibia plateau, you probably imagine his gapping a crocodile-infested river and casing it big time.

Actually, the accident was a much slower moving affair and actually happened while attempting a climb. We say climb, it looks more like a trials line to us.

While it does not look like much of a crash, Yoann is now off the bike for between 6-9 months and will need surgery to fix the damage. We hope the surgery goes well and he’ll be entertaining us with his wile rides again next year.

There’s a longer vlog from Yoann about the injury at the end of this post.

Well, this is surely not the type of video I wanted to post here, especially at this time of the year… Is it a paradox that I’ve been riding the gnarliest trails in the world without much effort and I’m getting injured pretty badly trying to climb something pretty easy… Maybe hahahaha !! My left knee is pretty damaged and I need a surgery. .
– Complete ACL tear.
– Meniscus is severely damaged.
– Degree 1 MCL trauma.
– Small fractures on the tibia plateau.

It will be a 6 to 9 months recovery to be at my 100% post surgery so I’ve decided to do it ASAP to be back next season (in term of racing).
I’ll be able to spin on the road and indoor by September I think.

I just want to say a big thank you to Mike Conway my physio to be there as always when I need it, To Dr Clark Lewis for boosting the process on having all these exams lined up very quickly and to Dr Sally Clark for getting me into Surgery very soon.
You guys rock seriously!! I have a loooooooot of energy as you might know now, and I will have to keep myself busy if I don’t want to explode Hahahaha !! So, be really ready for some creativity guys 🙂 I’m already missing being in the forest riding my bike, but I’m in good spirit, I take it as a new challenge, I’m always up for a good one 😊, and the goal is to be back stronger than ever, I’M IN !!! I made a video following my journey to get it all diagnosed from the crash till now ==> link in my bio, check it out if you wish.

Thank you everyone for your support, friends family partners and all of you guys, much love ❤️ .”

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