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Singletrack Magazine Issue 125 | Digital Downloads

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Singletrack members gain access to each issue of the magazine in a multitude of formats and options. Read on for shortcuts to the digital extras included with issue 125 of Singletrack magazine.

Issue 125 PDF

For those digital members who like to read the magazine the way it was designed for print then this is the way to do it. We recommend that you set the page view to 2 page view in order to get that full spread effect. It looks amazing on big monitors.

Just download the PDF file to your desktop, laptop or device and open it with either Adobe Reader or your device’s default PDF reader. iOS users can choose to open and store the PDF file in iBooks too.

All current Premier members can download the PDF file by clicking the button below.

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Download Issue 125 on an eBook reader

It’s not all about the images and video clips. Sometimes all that you need to inspire you is a quiet place and a page full of inspiring words and stories of adventure.

We format each issue of Singletrack magazine to display on Kindles and iBooks (iOS). In fact any device that will open an ePub file will give you access to all our words. There’s a few select images thrown in for good measure and our eBook versions are completely free from all advertising.

singletrack issue 125 downloads

For iBooks

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For Kindle

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Download Issue 125 GPX File: Hay On Wye

“Hay-on-Wye evokes a variety of feelings in me. Yes, it’s at the very tippy top of the easternmost bit of the Brecon Beacons National Park, but that’s not it. For me, and I suspect for most people who’ve heard of it at all, the things that will spring to mind are books. Lots and lots of books“..

Read the full classic ride story here

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Classic Ride OS Map

singletrack issue 125 downloads

Download a hi resolution PDF copy of the map for this issue’s classic ride.

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Issue 125 Article Index

Click here for a Premier members only index of articles from this issue

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