Review | The 2019 Whyte S-120 C RS is an absolute yahoo-factory

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Wil reviews the 2019 Whyte S-120 C RS – a ludicrously fast trail bike with bonkers geometry

Brand new for 2019, the S-120 storms into the Whyte lineup as the hotly-anticipated replacement for the popular T-129.

Equipped with 29in wheels, 120mm of travel and progressive geometry, the S-120 is pitched as an all-round XC/trail bike. That sees it hunting down the same territory occupied by the likes of the Intense Sniper Trail, Giant Trance 29, Merida One-Twenty, and Pivot Trail 429.

2019 whyte S-120 C RS
The S-120 is a brand new mountain bike from Whyte for 2019. All photos by Brent Mackenzie.

Amongst the broader Whyte full suspension lineup, you could consider the S-120 as a big wheel version T-130, or a shrunken down version of the S-150 – the UK brand’s long travel 29er enduro racer. However, while the S-150 is a 150mm travel 29er that will also accommodate 27.5+ wheels (the S stands for ‘Switch’), that’s not the case with the S-120. This bike is purely 29in wheels only, so I’m not entirely sure what the S stands for here.

There are three models in the S-120 C range, all of which are built around the same hybrid carbon/alloy frameset (C = Carbon). Four sizes are available from Small through to X-Large. The bike I’ve been testing for the past two months is the mid-spec model in the range; the S-120 C RS.

2019 whyte S-120 C RS
Taking over where the T-129 left off, the S-120 is the UK brand’s short-travel 29er.

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Review Info

Product:S-120 C RS
Price:£3,499 / $6,500 AUD
Tested:by Wil Barrett for 2 months

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    Looks great but how nd why have they made it to heavy

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