Photo Gallery: 2019 Fort William World Cup Slip ‘N’ Slide

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Fort William provided the goods again for this year’s round of the UCI Downhill World Cup, but before we move on to the next leg, let’s check out some the images we caught at the Nevis Range.

With a grueling track, extreme weather and crowds not seen at any other DH World Cup rounds on the calendar, there are plenty of opportunities to snap away and gather quite a collection of photographs. This year I spent a fair few hours over 4 days, prowling the pits and climbing the track to grab some photos. What I’ve curated below are a few photos that I feel give you an idea of what we all experienced at the 2019 Fort William DH World Cup, and I’d even go as far as saying there are a couple of “bangers” thrown in too.

If you’ve enjoyed our 2019 downhill WC coverage so far, and you would like to see us at more UCI World Cup rounds please let us know in the comments below.

What photography kit did I use?

I’m not a professional photographer by any stretch so you’ll see that my camera equipment isn’t Sven Martin level. Still, I do enjoy photography and I think a couple of the images go to show that you don’t necessarily need to spend £1000’s to get a good photo.

My kit included;

2019 Fort William photo gallery

fort william gallery
Here comes the rain again.
fort william gallery
The weather didn’t see to bother Phil Atwill.
fort william gallery
James spied a little moto that caught his eye.
fort william gallery
There was some serious toolbox game in the pits.
fort william gallery
Loic’s RedBull race helmet.
fort william gallery
Plenty of different line choices in the woods to mix things up.
Windy at the top
Windy at the top
2020 commencal supreme dh bike fort william
Amaury Pierron looks happy with his new 29er Supreme.
fort william gallery
A brief moment in qualifying when the sun appeared.
fort william gallery
Plenty of riders were sporting the new Fox Zebra pants.
fort william world cup race 2019
I wouldn’t hit this wallride in the dry nevermind the wet!
fort william gallery
The iconic Silverline wall ride.
fort william gallery
There was a lot of ingenuity going on to divert the floods.
jack moir 2019 fort william dh world cup
Jack Moir’s puddle laundromat
2019 fort william world cup
Slip n slide.

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fort william gallery
Some took it wide some took the direct approach.
people jet wash fort william
Keeping clean was tricky this weekend.
fort william gallery
Anyone know where we were racing this weekend?
fort william gallery
Laying it flat.
fort william gallery
Commencal Vallnord had one of the neatest pits.
fort william gallery
The hot seat.
fort william gallery
Even on race day, there was time to style it up.
fort william gallery
Even the rain didn’t stop fans walk up the track.
fort william gallery finn iles
Finn Iles had one hell of a run at Fort Bill.
2019 fort william world cup crowd downhill race
The Fort Bill crowd provided a deafening roar that greeted racers as they crossed the finish line.
fort william gallery
There aren’t many sports when top athletes get along so well.

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