Video: Remy Morton thrashes his Commencal Clash in New Zealand

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Watch Commencal rider, Remy Morton, throw his Commencal Clash around the dry and dusty trails of New Zealand.

“After CRANKWORX ROTORUA we went for a ride in NZ with Australian Remy Morton. We traveled with him to legendary spots in New Zealand, COMMENCAL offices in Christchurch and its beautiful Adventure Park, through the hills of Wanaka and Skyline Queenstown.

The endearing Australian rider rode the CLASH for the first time during this trip and after a week of riding some of New Zealand’s trails, here are his first impressions:

“The CLASH is sick! There are not many enduro style bikes I can hop on out of a box and feel that comfortable on. To me it basically just felt like my FURIOUS except lighter, easier to move around and pedal.. Which I think for Christchurch Bike Park it made for the perfect bike. It really surprised me how stiff it was. I haven’t ridden an alloy trail bike in a few years now and it was so noticeable. In a good way. It just felt really solid and so predictable coming into corners and in the air. Really stoked on it! Can’t wait to have my own to ride all
the time 🙂 “

Watch Remy MORTON – South Island, New Zealand

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