Review | Upcycle your SRAM 1×11 drivetrain with the e*thirteen TRS Plus 12-Speed Upgrade Kit

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This clever e*thirteen TRS Plus 12 Speed Upgrade Kit is designed to upgrade your SRAM 1×11 drivetrain to 1×12

Five or so years back, 1x drivetrains were fairly new, and making cheaper ones by converting existing cassettes with expander cogs was all the rage for a bit. I steered clear at the time, because it seemed like a slightly messy hack at best.

The conversion part of the e*13 12-Speed Upgrade Kit mostly happens at the shifter end though, with new innards for 11-speed SRAM GX, X1, X01 or XX1 shifters. As well as those, inside the box you’ll find a new cassette, some jockey wheel spacers, and a 12-speed chain.

e*thirteen e13 cassette 12-speed conversion kit chain trs plus
The e*13 TRS Plus upgrade kit is designed to convert your existing SRAM 1×11 drivetrain to 1×12.

Unlike with those expander cogs mentioned above, the 9-46t TRS Plus cassette is made entirely by e*thirteen. It has a 511% range, which is 10% more than SRAM’s 10-50t Eagle, and 1% more than Shimano’s new 10-51t XTR.

Thanks to a few very straight, very open downhills near me, the TRS Plus had been tempting me with a siren call something like “niiine tooooth sprooocket“. Sounds fast…

e*thirteen e13 cassette 12-speed
The TRS Plus cassette features a 9-46t ratio to deliver a huge 511% range.

Fitting The e*thirteen TRS Plus 12-Speed Upgrade Kit

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Review Info

Product:TRS Plus 12-Speed Upgrade Kit
Tested:by David Hayward for 7 months

Comments (6)

    Why? GX upgrade kits are available for £50 quid less and work properly without any faffing about. Then you can also get cash back by selling you old kit.
    Admittedly not as posh if you’re already running XO or XX but then you’re getting rid of most of the posh internals anyway.
    No 50t, which is the big selling point of 12 speed to me and if you’re regularly spinning out 36×10 then maybe 1x drivetrains aren’t for you.

    Managed to pick up the shifter conversion separately but not fitted it to my XX1 shifter yet.

    Would be super interested to see if anyone has run the 10-50 cassette on an 11 speed XX1 mech yet.

    £289 is a lot for what is essentially a bodge. I honestly can’t see the point in this over just getting a GX Eagle upgrade kit that’s designed to be 12 speed in the first place.

    I was actually interested till I saw the price. £80- £100 less and I could have been tempted.

    Sorry, I’m lost here. The only selling point to me of 12 speed is a bigger range of gears – but ethirteen already make an 11 speed 9-46 cassette.

    My 5 cents about this product running on it for 4 months now and around 10 races. I’ve upgraded my x01 11s and changed the chainring and pulley wheels to a new one since my chain and chainring was not in very good shape. The conversion went smoothly and i was happy from it while cycling on flat or doing some moderate marathons. Then i’ve started seeing some strange problems:
    1. The chain has tendencies to drop and stuck between the derailleur cage and a pulley ring (had it several times)
    2. The pulley wheels extender is pushing the bearing out (especially after tough XC races it was visible).

    I’ve spoken about that with e13 and they didn’t find any problem with my setup. To overcome 2nd issue i glued in bearings anyhow didn’t find any reasonable solution for 1st issue. Unfortunately it lead to massive damage in my bike – while racing the chain went out of the pulley wheel and i hardly pulled the derailleur twisting it and pulling into the wheel. I ended up with massive damage:
    1. Rear wheel damaged – spoke was ripped off from the carbon rim – i had to rebuild the wheel (new rim and spokes+cost of rebuild!)
    2. derailleur hanger crashed
    3. x01 derailleur crashed
    4. Damaged (twisted) chain!

    so this all together costed me more than new xx1 eagle groupset

    I’ve decided not to give up and bought new eagle xx1 derailleur and chain. Since then situation has changed significantly – no chain stucks, shifting is much smoother anyhow this is not the end.

    Around a month ago while training on XC course i’ve changed too many gears (3-4?) going uphill and i’ve managed to bend the biggest steel cog! I’ve spent a few hours tunning the derailleur since i was suspecting something could be wrong with it or a hanger (never had it before). Anyhow i managed to straighten it finally – since then i am trying as much as i can not to change gears under load…
    I don’t know how strong eagle xx1 cassette is anyhow my previous xx1 11s lasted (and it’s still alive) for 2 seasons (in fact years since i am riding regularly and occasionally racing during winter) so approx 2-3k racing kms. Obviously i didn’t change the style i use it or preferred routes so it is a concern for me.

    Very recently i noticed that there is something wrong with stiffing on 2 biggest cogs – when i am pushing hard on 2nd and the hill requires to change for biggest gear it very often results in chain skip. It makes me crazy. I am not sure it’s because of the chain (i believe the one from YBN is more flexible sideways than XX1) or something else (premature alu cog damage?) I’ve also tried from 3rd biggest to 2nd under load and in this works fine if you can accept it makes unpleasant noise which makes me a bit worried.
    We’ll see how it will work longer term. I’ve bought new YBN chain so i will change xx1 to this one and will see if this is improving the situation.

    Oh – one more think i didn’t mention earlier (not that annoying for me) on smallest cog (9t) i’ve noticed chain skips both on modified 11s x01 and new eagle xx1 when i was going over rough terrain.
    And last but important – i am running it on HT – so less challenging situation than FS.

    As i mentioned above – it’s my 1st 12s system so i have no comparison to full eagle system – hard to say if i would encounter the same issues with Shimano or Sram.

    Price wise – it’s great deal – to buy a cassette from Sram, Shimano, or others like Leonardi or Garbaruk will cost you more than here cassette + great chain + obviously the rest.

    I’m running this currently. Coming from X01 to the e13, as noted, the shifting is acceptable, but the drop onto the 9t cog is a little sluggish…I’ll be trying different combos of the jockey spacers as mentioned. Overall, the biggest thing I noticed was the sound, the e13 cassette is much quieter than my old 11sp GX (factory) cassette. Some have mentioned the cost difference…here in the States, the conversion is about $100 cheaper than GX Eagle (no cranks), and that was worthwhile for me. I’m really looking forward to being able to rebuild specific parts of the 2-piece cassette, as required because of wear. E13 will have the individual components available with their new website shortly, according to their support team.

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