MilKit Tubeless Sealant Launches Today To Solve Common Sealant Issues

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The tyre sealant market is a crowded one, but Swiss company miKit reckons that its new sealant, simply called milKit Tubeless Sealant, is different enough to win fans.

milKit Sealant promises to be lump-free, so that it doesn’t need vigorous shaking and when it dries, doesn’t turn into latex monsters. It doesn’t use ammonia and it also isn’t badly affected by CO2, in the case of mid-race flat fixes or desperate attempts to mount a tyre (ahem…)

Biodegradable, but probably not delicious.

Rather than relying on latex rubber, it uses a synthetic rubber with ‘microfibres’ in suspension. These should fill slits up to 6mm in size, even under high pressure – which will relieve anyone who’s had a high pressure road or ‘cross tyre pumping tubeless fluid across the width of the road like a severed artery. In addition, the fluid is environmentally friendly, washable (yay!) and anti-allergenic. It also won’t corrode rims or tyres.

The Swiss roots are evident in the no-nonsense name and packaging.

You’ll be pleased to hear that milKit Sealant will also work between temperatures of -20 to +50°C / -4 to 122°F

  • Synthetic latex: No ammonia, no horrible smell, no damage to rims and tires. Non-allergenic, non-hazardous. 
  • Stays in solution – no need to shake it up
  • Dries evenly, no rubbery lumps to remove
  • Lasts longer that other sealants
  • Covers tyre and side wall better than other sealants
  • Fixes slits and holes up to 6 mm length
  • CO2 compatible
  • Works from -20 to +50° C / -4 to 122° F 
  • Aramid microfiber technology: Stronger puncture sealing capability – even at high pressures (road tubeless)
Is it just us, or is this photo crying out for a tentacle to be escaping from the bowl?

The milKit sealant is available in the following bottle sizes:

  • milKit sealant 250ml £13.99
  • milKit sealant 500ml £19.99
  • milKit sealant 1000ml £29.99

This will join the rest of the milKit family, which includes a tubeless booster/inflation bottle and the valve and tyre system.

The milKit sealant is available to order through  Or for more on the whole system, check out 

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    “tubeless booster/inflation bottle”

    That is not particularly fond memory. Lengthy wait, safety recall, Kickstarter backers delivered later than shops…

    Hope the have it sorted now from the first time.


    That looks suspiciously like Oko sealant (Peatys and a few others).

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